3 Reasons Why Standing Desks Are Gaining Popularity

For some years now, standing desks have been a hot ticket piece or office furniture with more and more people wanting them at their workplace!

However, this innovative approach to the idea of working space has also become a hot topic and a subject of numerous studies aiming to find out whether sit-stand desks can really make any difference in comparison to conventional models. One thing is for sure, they are definitely gaining momentum, being, by the way, the #1 choice of the great bulk of people who have started to work from home during the last year. 

Yet, many employers and employees still have a dilemma: whether to stick to the traditional concept of workspace or switch to its state-of-the-art counterpart. If you are one of those in doubt, check out these 3 reasons for the huge popularity of standing desks to decide if it can work also for you.

Standing Desks Reduce the Risk of Developing Many Health Issues

Health is arguably the most important element in the life of every person. It’s common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle negatively affects people’s health, being a trigger for a heck of a lot of problems: obesity, type 2 diabetes, bone decay, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, poor circulation, heart attacks, to name just a few. Many doctors even compare prolonged sitting with smoking in terms of how badly it affects the overall health of a person.

Standing desks not only put a new spin on office furniture to save people from the trap of inactivity and a slowed-down metabolism but also reduce the risk of diseases associated with hours of constant sitting on a daily basis. Some might argue that prolonged standing is nothing good as well, which is true – and here we come to the point of why a standing desk is seen as a great solution for both problems. For instance, a quick glance at https://desky.com.au/ is enough to figure out that due to their incredible flexibility, standing desks let users stand, sit, lean, and stretch naturally, while easily adjusting the desk height. The essence of the concept is to provide plenty of opportunities to move freely and as we all know, movement is life.

In addition to that, we can’t help but mention the fact standing desks help relieve back pain. According to the latest studies, 8 of 10 people have experienced lower or upper back pain at some point in their life, therefore it comes as no surprise, many office workers look for the possibility to minimize the stress on their spine caused by constant sitting. 

The bottom line is, when complemented by poor eating habits and lack of physical activity in your free time, prolonged sitting can be a decisive factor in your bad health condition. A standing desk can help raise your everyday level of activity and significantly reduce the risk of developing many serious health issues.

Standing Desks Boost Productivity

While sitting makes people sleepy and yawning, the opportunity to change their body position and switch to standing gives them an energy boost, speeds up the metabolism, and, believe it or not, facilitates higher productivity. It’s a proven fact that when we are standing we organically feel more alert while sitting is associated with relaxation. There is a bit of science behind this phenomenon, standing pumps more blood around a person’s body and brain, which enhances brain function. The majority of people who use standing desks at their company or home office swear a standing desk is a real game-changer when it comes to maintaining concentration.

Standing Desks Improve Job Satisfaction

People who use standing desks claim that they feel much happier throughout the day and more satisfied with the job they have done. Why is it so? Well, in contrast to sitting, standing releases endorphins, eliminating the need for another cup of coffee or chocolate bar to boost your mood. Another important thing, the human body gets extremely tired of hours of sitting, at the same time, increasing the level of stress, which, in its turn, results in fatigue and even anxiety. Standing desks provide you with plenty of chances to stretch your tired muscles and get rid of unpleasant and stressful thoughts. And one more thing, standing from time to time is good for your creativity – have you ever tried brainstorming on your feet?

As you can see, standing desks are popular for good reason. In fact, the full list of benefits is far more extensive but the frame of this article just doesn’t allow citing them all. However, do not forget that a standing desk alone can’t solve all your problems, having regular physical activity is still very important.


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