About Us

About us

Ehome is a platform that connects services/skills/talents to those who need them.

With Ehome, someone from your area doesnt have to look so far and spend so much to do a service you can offer.

We started back in 2018 when we found the need to make finding of services much easier in the modern world with reducing human social attachment.

On top of making it easier to making services easier to find, we want to promote healthy next-door neighbour awareness

More Info.

At Ehome, we have clients who exist both online and offline. These are quality clients who need various people to perform tasks. The tasks range from simple home services such as cleaning , to office work such as file organising or data entry work, handwork such as fixing of equipments to business related tasks such as transportation and delivery services. Through this, Ehome is able to help service owners get clients and therefore get income for upkeep and even get long term clients to establish a fulltime stable business.

The following are the people who are eligible to apply at Ehome services.

  1. A small business owner who is just getting started or has been in business for a while. Ehome will open your business to the new customers and clients.
  2. Someone with a skill/talent that can be offered as a service. This includes tasks such as art work such as drawing, house work such as cooking, skill such as public speaking.
  3. People with hand work skills such as plumbing, capentry, electricians, mechanical experts, laptop repairers.
  4. Already established businesses that are offering services to home owners. These include curior services,
  5. People with items for hire. These includes rooms for hire, home equipments for hire, clothes for hire etc.