Associate Data Entry at Digital Divide Data (DDD Kenya)

DDD believes talent has no boundaries–and opportunities shouldn’t either. In 2001, we saw the need to bring tech skills and living-wage work to men and women in underserved communities in Asia. It was here that DDD helped plant the seed for a socially responsible outsourcing practice known as impact sourcing.

Purpose of the position

Hands-on work, which includes various data entry tasks on various keyboarding tools in house and Web based client platforms.

Job Description

  •  Read source documents and enter data in specific data fields using keyboarding tools.
  • Compare data with source documents or re-enter data in verification format to detect errors.
  • Update relevant information to on various project databases online and offline.
  • Capture the data in the relevant database in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Identify and resolve errors and bring them to the attention of the relevant parties as quickly as necessary.
  • Compile, sort and verify the accuracy of data before it is keyed.
  • Locate and correct data entry errors or report them to supervisors.
  • Checking completed work for errors or duplicate information before submitting the final output
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed


Handwriting Skills:

  • Paleography skills – Ability to read complex and ancient handwriting.
  • At least 50 WPM
  • Good in English and any other foreign language such as Germany, French, etc
  • Computer shortcuts, ability to use the keyboard without a mouse.

Machine Learning Skills:

  • Semantic segmentation (polygons)
  • Instance segmentation
  • Bounding boxes
  • Cuboid annotation
  • Skeletal annotation
  • Object tracking
  • Natural language processing – English at least C+
  • Sports tagging – Good in sports such as Football, Volleyball, Hockey e.t.c
  • Lidar annotation.

Web Research skills

  1. English – C+
  2. Advanced web research technics.
  3. Keen to details.
  4. 40 WPM

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Closing Date : 16th June, 2021


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