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27 Reasons why you should save money

Over half of Americans have less than 3 months worth of emergency savings. That is not good news at all being one of the main reasons why you should save. If you are not saving money, you will lack the money for emergencies if they come up! Here is a list of 27 reasons why you should save money today.

  1. To tackle emergencies. – Things come up when we dont expect. And they will continue to come up.
  2. To save for your retirement
  3. Accumulate for downpayment of a specific item e.g house or land
  4. Get more interest. If you are saving in an interest accumulating account, the more the savings, the more the interest e.g for compound interest
  5. Save for safety cash when unemployed. When you dont have a job, there should be money that will last you atleast 6 months before you find another job
  6. Save for education money. If you need to upgrade your skills, they will not be free of course
  7. Save for misleneous costs e.g irregular expenses like repairs, gifts, lending funds or home improvement. These are things you did not plan for but can occur any time
  8. Save to gain financial security and avoid stress. When you have money to do something, one becomes more secure
  9. To gain financial freedom – With money in your bank account, you can do anything without the worry of where you will find the money
  10. To seize the opportunities that arise when you need to. With money, you can go for opportunitie which come up
  11. To Help other people – With more money, saved and invested wisely, helping others become much easier
  12. To have money for your marriage. Marriage is such a difficult place to be when you dont have money. You have to provide for your family
  13. To save for your kids education
  14. To leave something for the remaining people incase you die
  15. To reduce your financial rist. If you save 100,000 USD and invest 50,000 USD, thats 50% of your net worth. You still have 50,000 which gives you security.
  16. Increase your borrowing potential. If you are in a SACCO or in a bank that allows borrowing based on your saving, you will borrow more to help you in other bigger purchases.
  17. To buy an item that will help you save more. For instance a low fuel consumption car that will help you reduce that high monthly transport cost
  18. To learn to save. The more you save, the more you learn to save which will become a habit and benefit you more
  19. Master the art of saving as a skill so that you can train others.
  20. Maximize the power of compound interest especially when you are still a teenager
  21. To have more fun at your 20s
  22. To have more control at what you need
  23. To get more help from others. If you have something in hand, people are more likely to help you as you appear to be able to help yourself.
  24. Because spending on credit is a bad idea and will lead to more debts
  25. We save so that we dont want to add debts
  26. To be proactive with money management rather than reactive.
  27. To avoid extra work. When we dont have money, we are more likely to work more even when we dont like to get extra money, or to finish a chore which we could pay for instead. When we have saves some money, we are free to pay someone else to do it instead
save money today
Start saving money today

Hope these tips will encourage you to start saving money. You now have a good reason to start saving, right?

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Best way on How to save money in 2022

The modern way of living has changed significantly. Everywhere we go, there is the push to buy a product, or a service. From the traditional street advertisements to television, radios and right now, we are even walking with advertisements right on our hands. Hence you can’t blame yourself for being tempted to fall into the purchase.

Why we buy?

It is important to first know the reasons why we buy stuff. Here are the main ones

  1. We need them – We buy food because we should eat to stay healthy. Without food we suffer. More such basic needs are shelter, clothing, security and education.
  2. We want them – We buy ice cream because we really yearn for it. However, unlike needs, they are not so much important that we may lose anything if we do not get them. More examples of such include an expensive rolex watch, a box of ciggars, expensive car that you dont necessarily need
  3. We have the money to buy them – We buy something when we have the money. When we don’t have the money, we do not buy its that simple.

Having said that, what is the basis of saving money?

Make the money unavailable.

Make the money unavailable

Make it inaccessible How to save money

From our third point about why we buy above, we buy because there is money to buy. This is the case with many people who go shopping with money in their pockets or cards and end up buying anything that attracts their attention. If they did not have the money, they would never have bought the extras.

So how does one make money inaccessible?

Steps to saving money by making it inaccessible

1Water bill2000
1Electric bill500
1Monthly Rent5000
4Business Boost5000
1Transport to work3000
3Kitchen shelf6000
2Kids Mattress6000
1Siting sofa11000
Item list table
  1. Create a list of all the things you need. – I mean all the things you are thinking to buy currently. Things are always in our minds. Starting from rent, electric and water bills, food, snacks, entertainment, repairs and fixes, kitchen equipment, furniture, house decor, debts, and many many more. Of course these are not things you will do at once, but you would if only you had all that money.
  2. Sought the priorities – after listing, Identify the top priority ones and mark “1” on the left of each. These of course will include monthly rent, monthly bills, transportation to work and food then maybe an emergency repair here, a furniture there. Religious people may list tithe here etc. Kindly include savings as priority number 1.
  3. Sought the non priorities – After choosing the top priorities, Choose the next priorities and mark them as number “2”. This may include another furniture you plan to buy later, other kitchen equipments.
  4. Sought the final priorities – Continue with the soughting and anything you see to be a long term you can put as number “3” or “4”. May include a business which you intend to start or a car you intend to buy
  5. List the amount of each listed item on the right of these items as on the items list table
  6. Use the priority number “1” to create the budget. – With what you identified as “1”, start with the basic needs such as rent, water bill, electric bill and of course the amount to save etc. Then add other items on number 1. Remember to work within your monthly income. If some items remain, they shall be sorted from the next month.
  7. Now you know your priorities and you have a ready budget. When you receive the salary, stick to your written budget. The first thing should be to send the amount to save to a place where it is unavailable. Then do everything that needs to be done like purchasing the furniture, fixing the water pipes that you recorded in the budget.

How to keep your money inaccessible

Stronger together How to save money together

Perhaps you have started asking where is the best place to keep my money and not be able to access it?

  1. Government Bonds –
    • The government allows you to lend them money, however, most of the time this is always one time saving. Good if you want to keep your money until a specific period.
  2. Saccos
    • There are where you can save and borrow and get interest on your savings.
  3. Merry-go-round groups –
    • As per one acre fund, a “merrygoround” is a small social organization where members contribute a small sum of money on a regular basis, often every week. On each contribution, one member is given all the money contributed. It helps you save to the point when it is your turn to get money.
  4. Locked savings accounts with no withdrawal options.
    • Some banks also allow you to lock your money to specific time. Even though I discourage banks because they have high charges, you may find one with low processing charge.
  5. Target savings accounts with no withdrawal options.
    • Some banks also allow you to lock your money to specific amount. Even though I discourage banks because they have high charges, you may find one with low processing charge.
  6. Long term investments –
    • like forex trading, real estate or land purchases. However this requires one who knows what they are doing as you may lose money as well.

With these tips, you cant access your money easily like keeping it in a bank, hence you will only focus on what you need to buy. This will help you accumulate money for a specific goal in future.

If you need to save money and access it in your specified portions, register at EhomeVest which allows you to set your saved money to be sent back to you at smaller proportions.

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10 most top Paying Adsense Niches in 2022

Google AdSense allows bloggers and marketers to earn revenue by placing ads on their sites. 

If you want to make more money, identifying niches and keywords that offer the most significant payouts is an excellent place to start.

The most profitable niches for AdSense are the ones that companies and ad networks pay the most money for a single ad click. The cost per click (CPC) of ads differs based on the niche, the location, and the ad size. 

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With AdSense arbitrage, you can drive paid traffic to your site and get ad clicks from site visitors. Since you are sharing revenue with Google for clicks on your ads, you can buy traffic at a lower cost and remain profitable.

In this article, we will review some of the best niches and keywords that will help you rake in more revenue from ads. Contentsshow

1. Insurance

Insurance tops the list as the most profitable niche for AdSense. Companies and agents operating in the insurance industry will most likely pay more money for ads and this is because they can generate a massive return on investment (ROI) for each ad click that translates into a sale.

Bloggers and websites can take advantage of content opportunities in the insurance industry. They can discuss topics such as 

  • Health insurance 
  • Automobile insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Home insurance and more 

The competition for blogs and websites in the insurance niche is more intense. However, with quality articles, SEO practices, and relevant keywords, you can

  • Boost your page rankings
  • Drive a vast amount of quality traffic to your site 
  • Ultimately enjoy higher revenue from Ads that are served to your website 

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Insurance

Cost per click refers to the amount of money that advertisers in that niche are willing to pay for ads. It is also the amount of money that website owners earn each time a visitor clicks an advertisement on their site. 

For insurance ads, the average cost per click may differ based on the country and location.

Based on data from WordStream, the average cost per click (CPC) for car insurance in the US is $89.53. Other insurance CPCs for the US include

  • Homeowners insurance – $53.49
  • Health insurance – $18.14
  • Life insurance – $34.97

The insurance industry also leads AdSense arbitrage in other regions, including the UK, Australia, and Canada.

In the UK, the average CPC cost for

  • Public liability insurance is $26.45
  • Life insurance is $26.43
  • Landlord insurance stands at $16.19
  • Car insurance is $6.20

In Australia, the average CPCs for these keywords are

  • Health insurance, $34.09
  • Life insurance, $82.82
  • Car insurance, $20.85
  • House insurance, $26.26

Canada has a similar experience. The average CPCs are

  • Home insurance, $25.61
  • Car insurance, $19.87
  • Liability insurance, $14.80

High Paying Keywords for Insurance

 The best paying keywords in the insurance niche involves a healthy mix of keywords with 

  • Keywords with high CPC 
  • Keywords with high search volumes

Bloggers should consider including a blend of these keyword categories in their blog posts.

Let us take a look at some of the expensive insurance related keywords in the US. 

  • Geico insurance has a CPC of $83.24
  • Instant auto insurance quote has a CPC of $69.72
  • Get auto insurance online has a CPC of $67.28
  • Purchase auto insurance online earns a CPC of $64.94
  • Auto insurance quotes online has a CPC of $63.75

Some of the most popular insurance-related keywords in the US includes

  • Farmers Insurance with monthly search volumes of 450,000
  • Farm insurance with a monthly search volume of 450,000
  • Car insurance earns 368,000 searches every month
  • Travel insurance has a monthly search of 368,000 

2. Online Education

Online education is another niche with high-profit potential for AdSense arbitrage. 

In the past few years, online education and digital learning have witnessed massive adoption and growth. Statistics show that the e-learning market will hit $243 billion by 2022

Students and professionals are taking advantage of the opportunity to acquire skills and qualifications. More so, there are a lot of online learning platforms offering free and paid online courses including

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Harvard online
  • edX
  • Alison
  • Skillshare
  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly known as Lynda)

Some of these platforms pay more money to place ads on publisher sites in specific locations. Website owners can latch onto the opportunities that exist in this niche. They can write about topics related to 

  • Free online courses
  • Paid online courses
  • Online bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • E-learning programs for corporate organizations
  • Online college programs

They can even drill down and focus on specific subjects including

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital marketing
  • Machine learning 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Arts and Crafts, and more

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Online Education

Again, data from SEMRush shows that the average CPC for the online education niche is $12.08.

High Paying Keywords for Online Education

Some of the top-paying keywords in this industry include

  • Online classes with a CPC of $43.39
  • Associate degrees online with a CPC of $42.92
  • Online colleges with a CPC $88.47 
  • Online school with a CPC of $45.65 
  • Best online colleges with a CPC of $38.28

The popular keywords in this niche include

  • Udemy with a monthly search volume of 550,000
  • College- search volume of 368,000 every month
  • Coursera – monthly search volume of 246,000 every month
  • Pluralsight – 165,000 searches every month 
  • Training – 110,000 searches monthly

3. Marketing & Advertising

Marketing is a core aspect of any business and websites with marketing and advertising contents enjoy massive readership from visitors. More so, they enjoy high revenue payouts from AdSense. These blogs provide insight into marketing strategies that can help businesses grow.

They explore topics such as

  • Digital marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Launching a product
  • Traditional advertising 
  • Advertising and public relations (PR)
  • Brand management
  • Market research

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Marketing and Advertising

In the marketing and advertising niche, the average PPC cost in the US is $6.45. In the UK, the average PPC cost is $3.49. Australia’s average CPC costs for marketing and advertising is $4.12. Canada has an average CPC cost of $2.74 for this niche. 

High Paying Keywords for Marketing and Advertising

In the US, email marketing tools top the list for the highest paying keywords with a CPC of $27.85. Ecommerce SEO has a CPC of $24.72. Local internet advertising has a CPC of 22.08. The CPC for Internet marketing company stands at $22.05.  SEO consulting services have a CPC of $20.95. 

PR and SEO lead the pack of keywords with the highest search volume in this niche. They have monthly search volumes of 135,000. Logo design has a search volume of 110,000 per month, while advertisement has a search volume of 90,500 per month. Also, marketing has a monthly search volume of 90,500. 

4. Legal

The legal niche is another goldmine for AdSense arbitrage. Legal services are essential for businesses and individuals. Whether you want to register a new business, write a will, sell a property, or resolve conflicts, you need legal advice. 

Consulting and legal services offered by law firms and attorneys do not come cheap. Lawyers and attorneys pay more for ads, thereby making it one of the top-paying AdSense niches.

Legal bloggers can focus on quality posts that offer legal advice. They can explore topics such as 

  • Advice on specific law practice areas such as business law, injury or insurance law, divorce, and child support
  • Step by step guides explaining what individuals should do when they have legal issues 
  • Recent changes in legislation and legal processes
  • Commentary and breakdown of trending and high profile legal cases
  • Technological advancements in the legal industry
  • Advice to lawyers fresh out of law school
  • Upcoming legal events and more

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Legal

From the SEMRush data, the average CPC cost for the legal niche in the US is $6.11. Canada has an average CPC cost of $2.19.  

Australia has an average CPC of $1.89 while the UK PPC cost stands at $1.81. 

High Paying Keywords for Legal

Based on data for Moz keyword research tool, we will highlight some of the high paying keywords available for this niche.

  • Traductor (Legal translator) has a monthly search volume of 4,441,481 searches
  • Attorney – monthly search volume of 84,997 searches 
  • Lawyer – monthly search volume of 72,682
  • Judge – search volume of 46,180 per month. 
  • Barrister has a monthly search volume of 30,313 searches 
  • Prosecutor has a monthly search volume of 30,455 searches. 

5. Internet and Telecoms

The internet and telecom niche is broad and covers a wide range of topics including 

  • Wireless technology
  • Mobile technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Virtual reality
  • Chatbots
  • Automation 
  • Big data and more 

Technology is evolving at a swift pace. More so, it has changed the way we live and interact with people. 

Every day, there are amazing discoveries, products, apps, and tech solutions. And while some new startups are emerging, some companies are folding up.  

The competition in the tech space is fierce. Companies are ready to make massive investments in ads. So this represents a lucrative niche for AdSense arbitrage.

Some of the ideas for bloggers in this space include  

  • Tech news and predictions
  • Disruptions in the tech space.
  • Software and technology review
  • Gadget reviews 
  • Software usage tips and troubleshooting 
  • Computer and mobile repairs 

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Internet and Telecoms

According to SEMRush CPC Map tool, the average CPC for this niche is $4.96 in the US. In the UK, the average CPC is $3.22. 

High Paying Keywords for Internet and Telecoms

The top-paying keywords under this niche in the UK include

  • Internet security firewall with a CPC of $155.13
  • Network firewall security with a CPC of $98.93
  • Firewall security – CPC of $81.13 
  • Three mobile broadband – CPC of $37.48

Let’s take a look at the search volume for keywords in this niche. 

  • Mobile phones have 90,500 searches every month
  • Internet earns 74,000 searches every month 
  • Data protection act has a monthly search volume of 33,100 
  • Big data has a monthly search volume of 27,100 and 
  • Cyber Security has a monthly search volume of 22,200

Useful Resources You Might Want To Read:

6. Online Banking 

The wave of technology and innovation is impacting financial institutions. Banks are investing more money in online and digital banking solutions. Customers are now banking and managing their finances from the comfort of their sofa.  

They can pay bills, transfer funds, and manage transactions on their devices. While banks are closing in on the opportunities in the digital payment space, fintech companies are also enjoying a fair share of the market. 

The competition in the online banking space makes it a viable niche for AdSense arbitrage. 

Some of the ideas for bloggers in this space include

  • Online banking strategies and investment 
  • The future of digital payments
  • Online payment solutions
  • Innovations in the online banking sector
  • Digital banking trends
  • The role of ATMs in the digital banking era
  • Online banking and its role in personal financial management 
  • Tips for safe and secure online banking 
  • Role of digital payments in driving business growth and more

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Online Banking

According to SEMRush data, the average CPC for the online banking niche in the US is $4.86. In Australia, the PPC cost is $2.09. The UK has a PPC cost of $1.57 while Canada has $1.50.

High Paying Keywords for Online Banking

Moz Keyword Explorer reveals the online banking related keywords with the highest search volumes in the US. They include: 

  • Paypal login – 1,649,597 searches 
  • Paypal – 12,506,965 searches
  • Google Wallet- 92,561 searches 
  • Online banking – 61,564 searches
  • Apple Pay – 56,855 searches 

7. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic over the past few years. While many countries have become advocates of cryptocurrency, some are gradually monitoring the trend. The top cryptocurrencies include 

  • Bitcoin Ethereum 
  • XRP
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tether
  • Litecoin
  • EOS 
  • Binance Coin 
  • Bitcoin SV 
  • Stellar 

Last year, there were  309.87 daily bitcoin transactions. More so, the bitcoin market capitalization stands at $117.81 billion.

Although this niche is still in its infancy, the future looks promising. Many cryptocurrency investments and trading firms invest in ads to promote trade.

Therefore, this niche represents an untapped potential for AdSense arbitrageurs. 

Furthermore, bloggers can explore hot topics like 

  • Investing in cryptocurrency: Risk and returns
  • Top cryptocurrency exchanges
  • The future of blockchain technology 
  • The role of blockchain technology in education and business
  • Implementing blockchain banking in banks and other financial institutions 
  • Cryptocurrency and taxation
  • How to make smart investments in cryptocurrency

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency niche looks promising in Australia, with an average CPC cost of $3.08. In the US, the average CPC is $1.85, while the UK has an average CPC cost of $1.82.

High Paying Keywords for Cryptocurrency

In Australia, some of the most expensive keywords for this niche include

  • How to buy cryptocurrency in Australia – CPC cost of $50.51 
  • AUD bitcoin exchange – CPC cost of $ 37.22
  • Cheapest bitcoin exchange – CPC cost of $34
  • Kraken exchange – CPC costs of $32.13
  • Cryptocurrency trading sites with a CPC cost of $31.49

The most popular keywords include

  • Bitcoin price – 201,000 monthly searches 
  • Bitcoin – 135,000 searches every month 
  • coinmarketcap- 74,000 searches every month
  • BTC markets – monthly search volume of 74000
  • BTC – 49,500 searches every month

According to Moz Keyword Explorer, the monthly search volume for “bitcoin price” is 1,008,880. 

8. Home and Garden

Home and Garden is one of the most significant niches for AdSense arbitrage. Just as the saying goes, “The home is where the heart is.” Home improvements make lives easier, better, and increase feelings of peace and security.

This niche covers everything including 

  • Home decor and design 
  • Garden supplies 
  • Kitchen and dining
  • Pet products
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Gardening and landscaping and more 

Retail giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Ikea are cashing in on the opportunities in that space. Websites focusing on this niche can enjoy massive payouts from AdSense arbitrage.

They can focus on topics such as 

  • Home improvement ideas
  • Popular house styles
  • DIY home improvement tips
  • Things you should look out for when buying a home
  • Home automation ideas, and more

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Home and Garden

SEMRush reveals that the home and garden niche in the US has an average CPC of $2.28. Canada enjoys an average CPC of $2.21

High Paying Keywords for Home and Garden

Based on data from Moz keyword research tool, the popular keywords related to this niche include

  • Home – monthly search volume of 1,027,380
  • Home improvement – 175,759 searches every month
  • Landscaping – monthly search volume of 101,332 
  • Garden – monthly search volume of 76,660
  • Home improvement loans – 21,776 searches every month 
  • House remodeling – 7,008 monthly searches.

9. Automobile Dealership

The automobile industry is one of the world’s largest and wealthiest sectors of the global economy. Statistics reveal that the industry will hit $9 trillion by 2030.

Major players in the industry include companies involved in the design, manufacturing, and selling of cars. Also, after-sales support and part manufacturers are key success drivers in the industry.

Furthermore, automobile dealerships are the connecting piece between manufacturers and car buyers. They sell new and used vehicles to meet customer needs. Dealerships enjoy profits from sales and after-sales services.  

Although very few sales happen online, online ads can drive offline conversions.

Car companies invest lots of money on advertisements. Therefore, this niche is profitable for AdSense arbitrage. 

Hot blog topics in this niche include

  • Feature by feature comparison of cars
  • Car upgrades by year added features and benefits 
  • Vehicle repairs and maintenance tips
  • Car and driving safety tips 
  • Vehicle parts and functions
  • Car insurance policies 
  • Local driving laws and tax laws
  • Features to look out for before buying a vehicle 

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Automobile Dealership

Again data from SEMRush reveals that the average CPC for automobile dealerships in the US is $2.18. Canada has an average CPC of $1.41.

High Paying Keywords for Automobile Dealership

Moz keyword research tool shows that the top-performing keywords in the US include

  • Cargurus – 2,671,986 searches every month
  • Autotrader – 2,494,726 searches every month
  • Carmax – 1,936,982 searches every month
  • Carvana – 1,622,052 searches monthly
  • Car guru – 686,294 searches every month
  • Used cars – 556,941 searches every month. 

10. Fitness and Health

Health and fitness have remained one of the most profitable AdSense niches for many years. Just as the saying goes, “health is wealth.”

Over the years, health experts have stressed the importance of fitness and exercise. It helps individuals maintain good physical, social, and mental well-being. More so, it improves the overall quality of life. 

Because humans want to live long, this niche has a huge demand for quality informational articles. Article ideas may include

  • Tips for maintaining physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • Weight loss tips for men and women
  • Benefits of regular physical activity
  • Tips for healthy eating
  • Health and fitness guides for gyms and instructors 
  • Early morning workouts and fitness exercises for the elderly 

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Fitness and Health

 SEMRush reveals that the fitness and wellness niche in the US has an average CPC of $1.81. 

 High Paying Keywords for Fitness and Health

Based on data from the Moz keyword research tool, the popular keywords in this niche include

  • How to lose weight – 109,092 searches every month 
  • Exercise bike – 98,360 per month
  • Fitness – monthly search volume of 81,414 
  • Men’s health – monthly search volume of 51,200
  • Fitness blender – 46,162 searches every month
  • Health news – 17,939 monthly searches

Final Words: The Best Niches For AdSense Arbitrage

We have reviewed some of the best niches for AdSense arbitrage.

It is no secret that some niches are more lucrative than others. Companies will derive more value and pay more for ad impressions on websites that connect to their target audience.

The insurance industry tops the charts for the most profitable niche for AdSense arbitrage. This niche has the highest average CPC cost and top paying keywords. 

Insurance companies and agents have substantial advertising budgets. They place multiple ads in top quality sites to increase brand awareness and acquire more leads. 

Furthermore, lead conversion in this niche generates higher returns on investment (ROI).

Other niches like online education, marketing, and advertising also offer huge AdSense profits.  

If you want to achieve success as an AdSense arbitrageur, here are some tips that may help you.

  • Choose the niche with the highest payout
  • Focus on creating quality content that will drive traffic to your site. Remember, content is king.  
  • Use top paying and popular keywords to improve page rankings.
  • Optimize your website to enjoy more value from Google AdSense. 

Find a niche that matches your interests from this list and sweep into action now.