Business Development & Grant Management Specialist (Consultant) at Ol Pejeta Conservancy (OPC)

Reports to:     Head of Partnership Funding and Business Development

Department:   Fundraising & Communications – Partnership Funding team.

Period:            September / October 2021 – March / April 2022, 2-3 days per week.

Location:        UK or Kenya.

The primary focus of the Business Development & Grant Management Specialist (consultant) will be to (i) support Ol Pejeta Conservancy in resource mobilization by identifying new donors with the potential to fund Ol Pejeta projects, and (ii) leading the development of a Grant Management manual to outline processes and provide tools to support all of Ol Pejeta’s grant management requirements.

The consultant will work within the Fundraising and Communications Department and will report to the Head of Partnership Funding and Business Development. S/he will work closely with the following positions: (i) Programme Development and Funding Lead, (ii) Business Development Advisor and Ol Pejeta UK operations, (iii) Grants Administrator and (iv) Funding Data and Insight Analyst. The position is home based with minimal, or no travel required.

The role holder will be responsible for:

Business Development

The consultant will support the organization to identify Trust and Foundations, and Corporate partners in the UK and Kenya that Ol Pejeta Conservancy can target for potential funding opportunities. This will include, but not be limited to, the following activities:

  • Delivering a rapid mapping exercise to identify UK and Kenya based trusts, foundations, and corporate donors, with an interest in conservation and / or community development, who are not already registered within Ol Pejeta’s database.
  • Developing an approach to categorizing these trusts and foundations based on factors that might influence Ol Pejeta’s approach. This might include: (i) typical value of donation / award (ii) type of donation / award (one off, small grants, un/restricted etc.) (iii) typical value of donation, (iv) focus of funding, if any (specific species, rangers, community etc.).
  • Carrying out a contacts / network mapping exercise to identify connections between identified prospects and Ol Pejeta leadership and other staff, or other core partners of the Conservancy that might be leveraged as part of a funding approach.
  • Identifying networks or platforms utilized by Trusts, Foundations and Corporates that Ol Pejeta might be able to join or engage with, in order to raise our visibility among these donor groups.
  • Developing a strategy for targeting these trusts and foundations and corporates that effectively communicates our work, our funding needs / “ask”, and which maximizes our chances of securing funding / donations. With priority to secure unrestricted/ core cost funding.
  • Supporting the Program Development and Funding Lead to develop short project briefs that can be shared with prospective trusts and foundations.
  • Working in collaboration with the rest of the Partnership Funding team to deliver quality proposals, in a timely manner, when requested by these donors.

Grant Management

The consultant will support the development of Grant Management manual:

  • Map out Ol Pejeta’s post-award grant management needs.
  • Carry out a rapid review of existing grant management tools and processes.
  • Organize and participate in calls with key internal stakeholder to (i) understand the different perspectives of grant management within the organization and (ii) understand the needs of different departments (Finance, programmes etc.), in order to inform the development of processes and supporting tools.
  • Develop a manual that (i) outlines processes for grant management, including sub-awards, and (ii) provides tools to support grant management where required.
  • Develop a short PowerPoint deck that summarizes the key components of the Grant Management Manual which can be used to support dissemination.
  • Support the dissemination of the Grant Management manual by organizing and participating in calls with key stakeholders.

Strategy and wider departmental priorities

From time to time the consultant may be asked to:

  • Contribute to the development of the Partnership Funding strategy on engagement with Trust and Foundations.
  • Contribute to monthly reports on performance against agreed indicators.

Contract deliverables

The consultant will be responsible for submitting the following deliverables:

  • Generate a monthly list of prospective UK or Kenya based Trusts, Foundation and Corporate donors that Ol Pejeta can approach with funding requests. This list should include contact details and categorize donors by their primary areas of interest and ways of working.
  • A rapid mapping report of any platforms or networks utilized by these donor types which Ol Pejeta may engage with to create greater visibility for the conservancy as a conservation partner.
  • A report on each prospects network which identifies opportunities to leverage mutual connections.
  • A strategy for approaching these prospective donors that maximizes Ol Pejeta’s chances of securing funding.
  • Project briefs that communicate Ol Pejeta’s main areas of work to be used as background information for approaching prospective donors.
  • Contribute to the delivery of high-quality proposals to at least 5 donors, new to Ol Pejeta.
  • Delivery of a Grant Management manual that (i) outlines processes for grant management, including sub-awards, and (ii) provides tools to support grant management where required.
  • A PowerPoint deck that summarizes the key components of the Grant Management Manual which can be used to support dissemination.

Person specifications

  • Minimum of 5 years demonstrable experience working in fundraising and grant management.
  • Excellent proposal and report writing skills.
  • The ability to document and present complex processes and relationships in simple and easy to understand ways.
  • Good connections, networks and linkages with conservation focused trusts and foundations.
  • Imaginative, entrepreneurial approach to driving change and achieving results.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, influencing and negotiation skills.
  • Self-motivated and tenacious.

What materials, information is to be provided to the consultant

The consultant will be provided materials and access to documents and data as relevant. The consultant will be expected to use their own laptop and other equipment to carry out this role.

When fees will be paid

The fees will be paid on at the end of each month, upon receipt of an invoice, timesheet and supporting deliverables

Submit your CV, copies of relevant documents and Application to  [email protected]
Use the title of the position as the subject of the email

Closing Date : 19 September. 2021


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