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Opportunity at the Kenya Girl Guides Association (KGGA)

Terms of Reference: Catering Services

The Kenya Girl Guides Association (KGGA) is the largest and oldest girls and women only organizations in Kenya.

The Association has been active in Kenya since 1922, is multi-racial, non-religious, non- political and non-profit-making organization that seeks to empower girls and young women to realize their fullest potential as leaders and responsible citizens of the world.

KGGA is seeking a Service Provider to provide catering services for its centenary celebrations to be held in Nairobi, Kasarani Indoors arena in February 2022.

As a run-up to the main event, the organization has organized activities from February 2021 to February 2022 under the theme ‘AWAKENING HER POTENTIAL’.

Objective: To assist Kenya Girl Guides Association Centenary Celebration Committee in planning, coordinating, and ensuring professional and efficient delivery of catering services for the Centenary Celebrations main event.

The event is expected to bring together approximately 3000 local and International guests drawn from the Public, Private and Non-profit sectors as well as the Kenya Girl Guides Association fraternity.

The specific Terms of Reference for the Caterer are as detailed below:

1. Background

✓ KGGA Centenary Celebrations 2022

✓ Date to be advised

✓ Physical/ Hybrid Event

✓ This will be dependent on the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions on large gatherings.

2. Objectives

✓ Commemorate Centenary Celebrations by KGGA

✓ Target audience is: Guides, Secretariat & Board, the Patron, Government stakeholders, invited guests, friends and partners of the World Association of Girl guides.

3. Methodology

✓ Complete catering solutions including cocktail tables and set of VVIP lounge.

✓ Serving of meals either buffet or box.

✓ Meals provision with different types of meals in each serving.

✓ Provision of least three different types cold beverage – (juice/soft drinks).

✓ Provision of hot drinks at the VVIP lounge of at least three types

4. Reporting

✓ To report to KGGA oversight

5. Work plan

✓ Provide a summary of the anticipated work

✓ Describe The finance resources allocated to the project by providing a quote.

How to Apply

Qualified firms are required to send a Technical and Financial proposal (as separate documents) as per the Terms of Reference for the assignment (TOR)demonstrating their capability and relevant experience.

The application should be sent via email to

Please indicate on the email subject “Centenary Celebrations catering services”.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 5PM 2nd June 2021.

Proposals received after that time and date will not be considered.

Any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

Email queries and answers will be responded to and shared with all those that will have expressed interest.

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