Certified HR Consultant: Start A HR Consulting Business Even On A Part Time Basis – Class Starts 29th Feb 2020

How To Become A HR consultant.

Are you a qualified HR professional who is experienced in various HR areas?

Do you know that you can earn a great income on a part-time or full-time basis as an HR consultant?

The same skills that you use daily for your employer are highly valuable.

The labour market is changing fast in Kenya and organisations, especially; the SME and medium-sized firms who cannot afford a full time highly skilled HR professional are looking for HR experts to guide them be it on recruitment, training, HR policies etc.

And the beauty of starting your own HR or recruitment consulting business is that you don’t need millions to set up an office and employ staff so as to get business

 Are you an HR Consultant material?

In this training, you will learn important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for human resources consulting and getting started in a career as a professional human resources consultant.

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You will learn: what a human resources consultant does, how to develop your skills to succeed in a human resources consulting career, how to get hired for a job as a human resources professional, and how to start your own human resources consulting business and get clients

 This unique course is for you if you want to:

  1. Utilize your HR skills and make money from the skills you already have, either full time or part-time. You can earn 100K a month on a part-time basis.
  2. Want to start a HR consulting or recruitment agency business and don’t have any experience
  3. You want to have a flexible schedule. You can control your time, when and how to work.
  4. You are already running an HR consultancy business and want to know how to market and get consistent client
  5. Learn from the best. We’ve been in consulting business for over 10 years. We offer associate opportunities where you partner with Corporate Staffing Services as an associate. 
  6. You want to get into consulting but are afraid of ‘selling’

Janet Testimonial

Joining the HR consultancy class is the best thing that I did this year.  It has given me an opportunity to earn some part-time income (I make K’sh 85,000 to K’sh 150,000 a month) and this has made me financially stable. By joining the class, I have learned how to prospect and look for clients, how to write a proposal, negotiate for the best fees and how to ensure repeat clients. And the best part I am able to combine my full-time job with the HR consultancy as during the day I devote my time to my employer and in the evening and weekend, I am able to meet my clients.  I want to do this for another year, get enough clients and transition to doing this on a full-time basis. Thanks Perminus for the support, I didn’t think I had this much to offer.

You will learn:

  • The foundation of a successful consultancy or service business. You will discover what it is really like being a HR consultant and how to succeed as a consultant; I will share from my own experience of consulting with organizations for over 10 years and from interacting with hundreds of consultants personally over the last decade.
  • Learn the most in-demand and best-paying HR consulting areas in Kenya currently.
  • How to identify your ideal HR client. You will learn how to figure out clients who are willing to pay you for your HR expertise (and how to go about selling them without being salesy)
  • How to price and package your HR services. You will learn how to set up your fees. We will explore different approaches and what will work best for your type of business.
  • Building Your Marketing System, You’ll understand why people say “consulting is a marketing business” (and how to develop a marketing system that puts you in front of more of your clients, consistently). We shall help you develop your marketing message and material be it a website, company profile, proposals and business cards so that clients are attracted to you
  • How to find new customers – new customers and more sales are essential for profit and growth. We will share a little known yet extremely effective ten-step formula to locate and find new customers. This same formula helped one client of ours to increase his customer base by 46% last year.
  • Most importantly, you’ll have an approach that elite HR consultants use to set up a successful consulting business.

Learning Environment:

The training will entail case studies, role-playing, presentation and discussions and an opportunity to interact and network with fellow HR professionals.

Register For Our Next Certified HR Consultant Course

The next certified HR consultant class will begin on, Saturday, 29th February 2020 from 9 am to 1.00 pm. Classes are held every Saturday for  4 weeks.

The training is held at our corporate training centre located in Westlands – Westpark Suites, 9th Floor. Westpark Suites is directly opposite the Parklands police Station, Ojijo Road.

Want to learn more about the HR consultancy course. Fill in the simple form below and the training coordinator will get in touch. 

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