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SOS Children’s Villages

Consultancy for Organizational Capacity Assessment of 2 SOS Children Villages Supported Community Based Self Help Groups on running of Child Day Care Centres

Introduction: SOS Children’s Villages operate a Family strengthening programme that works with children who are about to lose parental care. The programme strengthens families to ensure their capacities are built to give them an opportunity of empowerment in economic generating activities that ensures steady income that will enable them provide their children with basic human needs to minimize chances of child abandonment.

Further the programme works with community structures to enhance their capacities in child protection and come up with structures that are meant to ensure proper childcare and protection.

In bid to enhance the capacities of the community, SOS CV Kenya Family Strengthening Programme is implementing an innovative project dubbed Women and Youth project in informal settlement through innovative sanitation project.

The project seeks to empower the community to initiate and successfully manage two (2) different Child Day Care Centers as models in City Carton and Soweto Informal Settlements in Nairobi through two (2) Local Community Based Self Help Groups namely Maarifa and Tuvuke Jordan respectively.

To actualize this SOS CV Kenya is seeking to engage services of a consultancy firm or qualified individual to conduct organizational capacity assessment and subsequently develop and support in operationalization of 4 – month staggered capacity building plans for the two (2) local Community Based Self Help Groups namely Maarifa and Tuvuke Jordan.

Objective: To Develop Comprehensive Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) Reports inclusive of prioritized 4-month staggered Capacity Improvement Plans (CIPs) for the 2 Local Community Self Help Groups namely Maarifa and Tuvuke Jordan.

Scope of Work (Areas of Focus During Assessment):

The assessment to focus on the following domains and related sub areas:


  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Legal Status (Registration certificate, constitution, bank account)
  3. Management Committee (Inclusive Leadership)

Administration – Child Day Care Centre

  1. Work Structure
  2. Basic Procedures and Systems (related tools for stores, supplies, visitors book, C.P etc)
  3. Basic Records and Files (including information system)

Human Resources – Child Day Care Centre

  1. Staff/Members/Volunteers
  2. Compensation (stipends/allowance /benefits)

Financial Management – Child Day Care Centre

  1. Basic Financial Planning (budget development process and related tools etc)
  2. Basic Financial Documentation and Reporting (related tools in bookkeeping)

Project Management – Child Day Care Centre

  1. Work Plans
  2. Resource Mobilization
  3. Service Delivery: Minimum Package of Care and Quality
  4. Stakeholders Involvement (stakeholders mapping for appropriate engagement, referrals and linkages)
  5. Project Reporting practice (related tool)

In addition to the above areas for assessment, train the management committees of the 2 Local Community Self Help Groups on the following:

  1. Early Childhood Development, CBC and related regulations for ECDE Centers in Kenya
  2. Positive Parenting
  3. Child Abuse and Child Protection
  4. Children rights and Child Participation
  5. Mental health
  6. Business Management

Expected Deliverables:

  1. Inception Report on the process detailing methodology, tools to be deployed in the assessment, participants to the process and work plan.
  2. Questionnaire Testing – the consultant/qualified individual will be responsible to test the tools of the assessment. Refinement will be checked after field testing
  3. Capacity Assessment reports of the 2 Community Based Self Help Groups complete with prioritized 4-month staggered Capacity Improvement Plans for each group (Maarifa and Tuvuke Jordan)


Qualifications and Experience:

  • University degree in Business management, Education or ECD, International Development Studies, Economics, Social Sciences
  • A minimum of five (5) years of experience in Institutional/Organizational Strengthening work focusing on Child Fronted CSOs at the grassroots level.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in the facilitation of community consultation and participatory methodologies.
  • Demonstrated knowledge on ECDE in Kenya and relevant regulations, CBC, Positive Parenting Skills and management of Daycare Centres
  • Strong communication, documentation and presentation skills.


Interested persons/firms should submit a proposal based on the Terms of Reference outlined above complete with:

  1. General understanding of the assignment and objective of the exercise
  2. Final products/deliverables
  3. Methodology
  4. Timeframe step by step
  5. Financial proposal
  6. Company Profile or CV including a minimum of 3 traceable, recent and relevant references to this task
  7. Registration/certification status (copy of certificate) where it is a consultancy firm

Proposals or completed applications should be submitted not later than 4th June, 2021:

Addressed to: The Programme Director, SOS Children’s Village Nairobi, Buru Buru Phase 1 along Oleleshwa road in the provided tender box.

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