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Travel and Logistics Manager Job, Logistics Kenya Jobs 2021,

Job Title: Travel and Logistics Manager 

Grade: 9 (N) 

Level: Level 2 Manager 

Division: Administration 

Department: General Services 

Location: Nairobi, Kenya 

Job Description

This position is primarily responsible for all Travel and Logistics functions for CWS Africa including strategic planning and management, providing consultation to management on projections and budgeting,  organizing, coordinating, and controlling logistics activities. The position is responsible for developing,  coordination and implementation of travel and logistics policies for CWS Africa operations and ensuring  adherence to these policies. This position also provides technical support and oversight of logistical  functions for CWS sub-offices across the region.  


This position directly supervises the Nairobi-based Travel Logistics Supervisor and indirectly supervises  the Travel Logistics Specialists, Officers and provides support to the logistics units for CWS Africa  regional offices.  

This Position reports directly to the Administration Coordinator. 


Strategic Planning and Management 

  • Contributes to the organization’s strategic planning process. 
  • Translates organizational strategy into achievable departmental goals and objectives. 3. Contributes to the development of Logistics departmental goals, objectives, and systems. 4. Plans, organizes, coordinates and controls activities and actions of the Logistics Department and  ensure that they are in line with the larger organizational goals and objectives. 
  • Ensures that logistics functions and practices are aligned and harmonized in all CWS Africa  offices across the region. 
  • Manages and drives resolution for all logistics issues raised after travel from the field. 7. Collaborate with security office to develop and implement contingency plans for all field locations. 8. Represent the organization in Interagency Travel and Logistics forums. 
  • Coordinate the budgeting process of all Travel budgets within the region.


  • Develops, maintains and periodically revises standard operating procedures for travel logistics  policies and procedures while ensuring compliance with 2CFR200 guidelines, Cooperative  Agreement, relevant OMB Circulars, other USG guidelines and applicable laws. 
  • Puts in place systems and mechanisms to ensure that the logistics department is compliant with  policies and guidelines. 
  • Monitors compliance and adherence to the SOPs to ensure consistent work output and puts in  place systems and mechanisms to address non-compliance. 
  • Coordinates with other admin units, the programs division and the sub-offices to develop best  practices to increase efficiency within the department and the entire organization at large. 5. Ensures that all Logistics vendors within Sub Sahara Africa are assessed, vetted appropriately  and cleared as per USG guidelines and CWS policies. 
  • Schedules regular process reviews to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of logistics processes  and ensure consistency of logistics practices in all CWS Africa offices. 

Travel Budget Management 

  • Collaborates with Programs Management and all budget holders to strengthen the budgeting  process. 
  • Collaborates with Finance Manager to monitor the travel budget spending and ensures the  organization is spending within the approved annual travel budget. 
  • Work closely with Software Developers to enhance the budgeting tools in place and/or  suggest more advanced tools. 
  • Coordinates review of received budget projections for accuracy and costing. 5. Manages maintenance of an updated cost platform for all required travel items within all  processing locations in Sub Sahara Africa. 
  • Coordinates receipt of monthly, quarterly and annual travel projections and ensures they are  received in Finance within the stipulated time period. 
  • Manages costs of all procured travel services within Sub Sahara Africa. 

Performance Management 

  • Provides direct supervision and leadership to the Travel & Logistics Supervisor including yearly  performance evaluations, developing job descriptions, participating in hiring and coordinating  leave
  • Oversees on-boarding of new staff, establishes performance expectations, monitors staff  performance and provides objective feedback on a timely and regular basis. 
  • Build bench strength for logistics department staff through coaching mentoring, training, feedback  and identifying and addressing knowledge and skills gaps. Ensures that coaching, mentoring,  feedback and corrective action plans are being carried out within the department and coordinates  with Human Resource Department appropriately; 
  • Communicates performance expectations during on boarding and training. 
  • Conducts continuous performance management throughout the year in collaboration with  Logistics Supervisor 
  • Maintains accurate and current job descriptions for the logistics department

Vendor Management and Cost management 

  • Conducts annual vendor assessment in collaboration with CWS security office. 2. Establish and manage lasting professional relations with all external stakeholders including  partners, consulates and service providers. 
  • Oversees vendor reconciliations in collaboration with Procurement and Finance. 4. Develops and manages updated Key Performance Indicators and vendor management  procedures for all vendors within Sub Sahara Africa. 
  • Conducts research on travel costs, market trends and proposes implementation of the most  valuable options to the organization. 
  • Evaluate the market to ensure CWS is receiving value for money while using competitive vendors  within the region. 

Staff Care 

  • Monitors the quality of services offered to CWS and ensure a safe, healthy and professional work  environment. 
  • Ensures direct reports are accessing and using their benefits appropriately including leave. 3. Actively support staff by promoting safe space, open door and the escalation policy. 4. Establishes and communicates clear expectations to staff to foster a consistent work  environment. 



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business administration, strategic management or international  procurement is required. 
  • Masters Degree in the same field is preferred. 
  • Knowledge in International relations is an added advantage. 


  • Eight (8) year’s work experience is required. 
  • Three (3) years of direct supervisory experience is required. 
  • Experience in field team processing activities for various locations is preferred. Experience in managing administrative roles is preferred 
  • Experience managing travel budgets is preferred 
  • Knowledge in Amadeus or other booking tool is an added advantage 

Knowledge/ Skills: 

  • Demonstrated written and verbal English skills; 
  • Demonstrated budgeting skills; 
  • Demonstrated computer skills, especially Microsoft Excel; 
  • Demonstrated organizational and time management skills; 
  • Demonstrated strong communication skills.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal relations 
  • Demonstrated ability to manage heavy workload 


The Travel and Logistics Manager must have the ability to: 

  • maintain the integrity of confidential financial and personnel information; 
  • communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; 
  • follow instructions with a positive and receptive attitude; 
  • deal effectively and courteously with a large number of associates, outside agencies, applicants  and members of the general public; 
  • conduct oneself in a professional and courteous manner to represent the best interests of RSC  Africa and CWS/IRP; 
  • maintain a high performance standard with attention to detail; 
  • carry out all of the duties of the position efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision; take initiative; 
  • maintain strict confidentiality with RSC Africa administrative and operational information; manage a large and diverse workload under pressure with competing priorities; work well as a team in a multi-cultural environment while maintaining a high level of motivation; effectively manage RSC Africa’s resources; 
  • actively participate in the implementation of the U.S. Government Operational Refugee  Processing Program in Africa; 


Ensure constructive and supportive interactions with others. Examples of skills and behaviors include  being positive and supportive when working with others; sharing information and resources freely;  resolving conflict constructively; and proactively working to remove obstacles to success for others. 

Job Knowledge 

Utilize and apply job related knowledge to complete job tasks at a level that meets or exceeds  expectations. Examples of skills and behaviors include utilizing job knowledge to solve problems or  develop new approaches; maintaining or enhancing skills through continuing education; and taking on  projects that will develop or enhance skills. 


Work effectively and contribute as a member of a team. Examples of skills and behaviors include  supporting other team members by sharing information; covering the work of others during absences,  vacations etc.; and actively participating in developing ideas for ways to increase team effectiveness. 

Problem Solving 

Analyze information and develop solutions to challenges that arise during the course of performing a job.  Examples of skills and behaviors include researching and collecting facts; defining the issues and the  parties affected; formulating options/solutions for addressing the problem; and engendering support for  and implementing the solution. 

Operational Leadership 

Successfully lead a group to achieve operational goals. Examples of skills and behaviors include priority  setting; timely decision making; planning and organizing; delegation; and managing and measuring work. 

Building and Leading Effective Teams 

Earn the respect of team members, create strong morale and spirit on the team and utilize the unique  skills of all team members. Examples of skills and behaviors include managing diverse relationships;  flexibility; being open and receptive; running effective team meetings; and exhibiting integrity and  trustworthiness. 

Strategic Leadership 

Accurately anticipate future consequences and trends and translate them into the fulfillment of workable  strategies and plans. Examples of skills and behaviors include problem solving; dealing with ambiguity,  creativity; innovation management and business acumen

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