FEMNET Gender Advisor Job

FEMNET is seeking to recruit a dynamic, passionate, African feminist to serve as Gender Advisor on a 2-year contract, to co-create, shape, lead, strengthen and deliver gender transformative Climate Justice work in African Activists for Climate Change (AACJ) program. Reporting to the Policy and Movement Building Manager, the Gender Advisor will be instrumental in shaping AACJ program design, implementation, and outcome. While this position is housed within FEMNET, Gender Advisor, will supporting all consortium members and implementing partners across all 8 countries.

Terms of Reference

Main duties include.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI): Gender Advisor will ensure AACJ program is gender transformative program by.

a. Developing GESI strategy for the program in collaboration with all implementing partners.

b. Lead development of GESI tools and guidelines to support implementing partners across the consortium.

c. Provide technical expertise to support robust feminist analysis in climate justice.

d. Ensure program design and practices create conducive environmental for equitable and meaningful participation of the African women and girls in all their diversities.

e. Ensure safeguarding procedures and protocols are adhere at all levels of program implementation.

f. Plan, oversee and provide timely support on GESI specific activities and support other leads to mainstream GESI in their activities.

g. Ensure interventions are evidence-based, meet quality standards (including on gender, feminist principles, participation, and social accountability), and are consistent with established best practices and international and national standards, policies, and strategies.

Planning and Coordination in the Project Management Unity (PMU): Gender advisor will be part of the PMU and she will.

a. Provide technical expertise to support the development of gender transformative AACJ programming while ensuring the program embed robust situational analyses on gender equality and social inclusion.

b. Support and build strategic partnerships in-country, regionally and globally, to promote gender equality and social inclusion.

c. Represent, where realistically possible, the Consortium in technical communities of practice, and with external partners. This will include building relationships and networks with Governments, UN/AU agencies, the private sector, and civil society organizations working on climate change.

Movement Building: Gender Advisor will

a. Strengthen solidarity across horizontal and vertical socioeconomic and geographical stratifications in the spirit of building inclusive climate change movement.

b. Coordinate and nurture a community of socially excluded Climate Justice activists.

c. Build the capacity of AACJ implementing partners on working with diverse group of actors.

d. Work with women’s rights organizations and socially excluded climate justice activists to enhance their knowledge and strengthen their engagement on Climate Justice movement.

e. Design and lead solidarity actions across the broader AACJ movements.

Feminist Narrative: The AACJ Consortium believes that it is hugely unjust that people who have contributed the least to the changing climate are most affected by its impacts. The Climate Justice Gender Advisor will.

a. Work with other feminists and communities to develop African feminist narrative on Climate Justice.

b. In collaboration with others, develop knowledge products which centre African feminist narrative on climate justice.

c. Work with communication team and disseminate African narratives.

d. Work closely with policy leads to sharp AACJ policy agenda using African feminist narrative.

Person Specification

  • This role offers a unique opportunity for seasoned African Feminists Climate Justice Gender expert and shape continental debate, policies, and spaces.
  • A passionate activist with a genuine passion and commitment to work on Climate Change will have a platform on one of the largest and influential Pan-African feminist networks.

Experience, Skills competencies and qualifications:

ü Master’s Degree in a relevant field from a recognised university.

ü Experience working at the African regional level and/or international levels including experience working with African Union Institutions/Organs and UN Bodies.

ü Strong Information Technology (IT) & Information System (IS) skills, including Microsoft Office packages, ERPs etc.

ü At least 5 years’ experience working on climate policies and spaces.

ü Demonstrate commitment to Charter of African Feminist Principles.

ü Demonstrate leadership skills and experience.

ü Proven research, analytical skills and ability to apply them in inter-disciplinary contexts.

ü Strong oral and written communication skills to a wide range of audiences

ü Proven interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people in a multi-cultural, multi-interest, multi-ethnic environment.

Other attributes:

ü Ability to communicate and work effectively in English. Competence in French will be added advantage.

ü Ability to break down complex information into actionable points.

ü Highly developed conceptual, analytical and innovative problem-solving ability.

ü Willing to travel frequently within Africa and beyond.

ü A high level of self-awareness, sound judgement, self-care, passion and flexibility.

ü Ability to multi-task under limited supervision


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