Field Assistant Job in Kenya

date: May 8, 2021 

Post: Field
Technical Assistant

Location: Kenya

: Consultancy for 7 months

Traidcraft Exchange is an international development charity which uses the
power of trade to bring about lasting solutions to poverty. It runs development
programmes in South Asia and Africa, works directly with businesses to improve
their supply chains and does advocacy and campaigning in the UK to promote
justice and fairness in international trade.

The purpose of the short-term contract is to provide support an ongoing
project in Meru. The project aims to economically empower and improve the sustainable
livelihoods of 1590 women and 530 men smallholder vegetable farmers in Buuri
sub-county, Meru, Kenya.

date for applications:
8th May 2021. **

date for interviews:
 12th May

date: Latest 1st June 2021.



· Facilitate the transfer of agricultural skills, technology, and
innovations to the community for efficient production of potato, bulb onions,
carrots, and Traditional African Vegetables value chain.

· Facilitate organization development of farmer groups and community-based
organizations (CBOs) through training and coaching.

· Facilitate sale of farmers target commodities, potato, bulb onions,
carrots, and Traditional African Vegetables.

· Organize business meetings between farmers and buyers (buyer-seller

· Facilitate access to market, business development services and financial
services for farmers groups and CBOs.

· Submit weekly and monthly financial and narrative reports to the project
manager in required format.

· Undertake regular market assessments to establish business relationships
with buyers in and out of Meru and disseminate market information to farmers.

Financial management

· Responsible for financial resources of project in compliance with
financial management and accounting standards, including requisition and
accounting for project funds and monthly financial reporting in the required

and stakeholders’ management

· Establishing good relationships with the local authorities in Buuri
sub-county, and with all other stakeholders of the project.

Evaluation and Learning

Collect quality monitoring data in forms required as guided by project

will be:

· An
excellent communicator in Kiswahili and English (verbal and written).

· Ability to communicate in the local language -Kimeru/Kikuyu.**

· A team
player with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

· A person of integrity in dealing with organisational resources.

· Process orientated and proactive, able to sensitively and inclusively
lead and deliver on numerous goals, objectives, and results.

· An excellent trainer/facilitator, good listener

· Be willing to reside in the project area and travel to project sites.

· Able to ride a motorbike.

will have:

· A minimum diploma in agriculture, horticulture, agribusiness,
agricultural economics, or an equivalent qualification from a recognized

· At least 2 years’ experience in working with farmers in agriculture
production, marketing of agriculture produce and farmer organisation.

· Report writing skills.

· Experience in adult training approaches

· Good planning and time management skills

· Experience in the use of computers, including word, outlook and excel.

· You may have:

· An understanding of gender mainstreaming for supporting the effective
empowerment of women and their participation in economic activities.

Traidcraft is a Christian response to poverty. We welcome applicants from
all faiths or none, but it is important that all staff members understand and
sympathise with the Christian vision, ethos and culture of Traidcraft. It is
not an occupational requirement that a practising Christian is needed for this

Terms of Reference

Agriculture & Women’s Advancement: Improving Livelihoods and Establishing
Women led Enterprises with Smallholder Farmers in Meru County Kenya (SAWA)-
Farmers’ database (profile and training data entry)

1. Introduction

Traidcraft Exchange (TX)is implementing a three-year project titled,
Sustainable Agriculture & Women’s Advancement: Improving Livelihoods and
Establishing Women led Enterprises with Smallholder Farmers in Meru County
Kenya (SAWA**).**

The project is in the final year and Traidcraft plans to undertake data to
assess the project achievement and impact. This Terms of References serves as
an agreement between Traidcraft Exchange and the enumerators who will be
assigned data entry work in the Meru county.

2. The Organisations

Traidcraft Exchange is the UK’s only development charity specialising in
making trade work for the poor by working to enable poor producers in Africa
and Asia to grow their businesses, find markets, and engage effectively in
trade. Traidcraft’s mission is to fight poverty through trade, practising and
promoting approaches to trade that help poor people in developing countries
transform their lives. Established in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty,
we combine a trading company and a development charity – Traidcraft Exchange.
We build lasting relationships with producers, support people to trade out of
poverty and work to bring about trade justice.

3. About the project

Sustainable Agriculture & Women’s Advancement (SAWA) Project is a
three-year project (September 2018- August 2021) being implemented by Traidcraft
Exchange in partnership with Farm Concern International in Meru with funding
from UK government, as well as donations from individuals in UK. The project
aims to improve the sustainable livelihoods of 2120 smallholder farmers in
Meru, Kenya. SAWA project will economically empower and improve the sustainable
livelihoods of 1590 women and 530 men smallholder vegetable farmers in Buuri
sub-county, Meru, Kenya. There will be a 50% increase in annual net income from
sales of targeted crops. SAWA will adapt the Commercial Village Model to
promote women’s entrepreneurship through collective organization, improved
business skills and links with private sector and government stakeholders.

Impact: Reduced household poverty and sustainable livelihoods for smallholder
horticulture farmers, particularly women in Meru County, Kenya.

Outcome: Improved economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods of 1,590
women (30% from Female Headed Households and 70% from Male Headed Households)
and 530 men smallholder vegetable farmers in Timau, Kisima, Kirua and Ruiri
wards of Buuri sub-county, Meru County, Kenya.

4. Purpose of the assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to do data entry for project
beneficiaries and trainings conducted in the projection location.

5. Outputs and deliverables of this agreement

· Ensure data entry for 1696 beneficiaries.

· Ensure 600 trainings conducted are entered.

You will be required to have your personal CV

6. Timeline

This assignment is expected to last for 5 days (including travel time) and
shall commence on 22nd April 2021 to 3rd May

7. Confidentiality

Unless Traidcraft Exchange notifies the data collection supervisor
otherwise, all documents and information received by the you during, or in
connection, with the performance of this agreement from Traidcraft Exchange,
the project or any persons employed by them shall be held in confidence. Such
documents and information shall not be disclosed to any other person without
the permission of Traidcraft Exchange unless a duty to disclose to that person
is imposed under statute or by court order. Any report or tools executed under
this contract and all data and information collected during this contract will
be the property of Traidcraft Exchange and its client(s): it cannot be used by anyone
else, not even by the consultant(s) who prepared it, except with Traidcraft
Exchange’s specific approval.

8. Requirement and task management

· Skills and experience of using MS. Excel.

· You will be required to work from Traidcraft office in Meru town where
you will report at 9am as agreed with the Project Manager.

· You will use your personal laptop.

· For any guidance on the assignment and for any matter regarding this TOR
and payment you will contact Project Manager, Damaris Kagwiria; Email:;
Tel: +254725868789

9. Remuneration

a) Transport cost using PSV to Meru office will be reimbursed. A receipt
for PSV vehicle will be required for reimbursement is made (not more 300 per

b) Traidcraft will also pay facilitation fee of Ksh.6,500 in total amount.

Payment schedule


Upon completion and varication of data entered

10. Data collection tool management **

to sign on behalf of the data entry clerk.

Signature **

Name in Capitals **

Address in Full **

Date **

to sign on behalf of Traidcraft Exchange:

Signature **

Name in Capitals **

Position in the Organization **

Address in Full Traidcraft Exchange,

Union Square Building 2nd Floor, Meru town

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