Finance Compliance Officer at Nature Conservancy

We work with local communities, governments and organizations to conserve Africa’s important places. Africa is special. Its wild lands and waters are home to incredible numbers and diversity of species living close to people. For most rural Africans, connection to place takes on unique meaning, more so than anywhere else on Earth because their daily existence depends on the productivity of their natural resources. Challenges in Africa Some 60 percent of Africa’s lands and waters – community property, in a sense – are managed by the people who live on them. These people are undoubtedly the most vulnerable on Earth. A continuing threat is their lack of control over the communal lands and waters they depend on for survival. And as the people struggle, so too does the wildlife that relies on the same resources. An absence of strong institutions and governance further compounds these challenges. Therefore, our work in Africa is focused on perfecting and exporting the best examples of community-led conservation across the continent’s vast shared lands and waters. These examples are ones that provide tangible benefits to people. Conservation has to pay to be successful.

Job Summary

The Financial Compliance Officer provides highly specialized finance/accounting-related services to the Africa Region business unit in all compliance aspects of finance/accounting. They ensure that Audit, Taxation, Return Filing and other operational regulatory compliance requirements within the region are met. Reporting to the Finance Manager, the position will be based at any of the following TNC office locations: Arusha, Cape Town or Nairobi regional office.

Job Function

The Financial Compliance Officer provides highly specialized services in one or more of the following functions: financial analysis and reporting; financial management; accounting; auditing; management controls and reporting; taxation; compliance certification or similar financial activities for the Africa business unit. They have a high level of expertise in their area(s) of specialization to administer and maintain finance activities in accordance with TNC policies and procedures and best practices in financial/organizational management. The Financial Compliance Officer provides assistance to all levels of personnel in their specialty area. They respond to complex employee/management questions and problems based on advanced knowledge of the subject area in addressing financial related problems.


  1. Ensures programmatic commitments, TNC policies and procedures, financial standards and legal requirements are met and managed for compliance.
  2. Responsible to lead and facilitate external, internal, donor or government /country audits, to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of audits, monitoring and completion of corrective action plans and submission within timelines as required by local laws.
  3. Lead person for audit planning and managing auditors to ensure they carry out audit activities promptly; guide audit implementation, and support in development and signing of audit reports.
  4. Provides audit and financial review support to the Africa Region by reviewing financial statements and audited reports.
  5. Promote a complete audit trail culture in the support documentation of all financial transactions.
  6. Maintain register of audit recommendations from financial audits, follow up and keep track of implementation of audit recommendations until they are closed.
  7. Perform general accounting duties to include recording of accounting transactions such as journal entries, revenue, adjustments, payables as may be applicable, business and payroll taxes, JE for transfers, loans, land transactions, accruals, deferred revenue & expense corrections, recording expense adjustments into the financial system.
  8. Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of accounting transactions such as journal entries
  9. Reinforces consistency in the organization’s policies and procedures and provides support related to relevant field.
  10. Ensure tax, filing, compliance and other regulatory certifications for the region are made.
  11. Liaise with regions accounting vendors, Operations Administrators and Finance Specialist on tax filings, compliance and certification.
  12. Maintains current knowledge of local government requirements related to finance and align with tax and other legal requirements.
  13. Provide training to staff and partner organizations on compliance aspects e.g., Standard Operating Procedures, Tax matters.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or related field and 4 years’ related experience or equivalent combination.
  2. Experience with relational databases especially MS Excel and accounting packages.
  3. Experience using accounting and financial reporting systems.
  4. Experience in manipulating, analyzing & interpreting data.
  5. Experience with technical command of spreadsheet programs, general ledger reports and other financial management tools.
  6. Experience in supporting multiple projects in various locations and/or countries.
  7. Experience with government regulations related to grants and contracts.
  8. Professional certification such as a CPA or CIA, or a candidate for same.
  9. Experience in auditing and tax matters.


  1. Multi-lingual skills and/or multi-cultural experience appreciated.
  2. Advanced expertise in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Strong organizational skills
  4. Non-profit accounting experience preferred.
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  6. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to multi-task.
  7. Knowledge of current trends in finance, accounting and regulatory environments.
  8. May require fluency in a foreign language to support global operations.
  9. Technical expertise on complex accounting/financial issues.

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Closing Date : 22 September. 2021


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