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Consultancy on guidelines for standard operating procedures for troop and police contributing countries in the response to cases of sexual violence against children.

Background: Inquiries into the scope of sexual violence committed against children in situations of conflict remain grossly under reported and under addressed as most of the attention has been on adults’ experiences.

A number of factors have contributed to under-reporting of this violation: low levels of disclosure, stigma associated with being identified as a victim of sexual violence, entrenched gender-based discrimination, fear of reprisals, lack of essential services for survivors, and challenges in accessing justice at individual and structural levels which have led to the failure to hold perpetrators to account.

Inadequate evidence of boys’ and girls’ experiences of sexual violence has led to limited preventive interventions for affected children in urgent need. The impact of sexual violence on the lives of boys and girls, particularly in situations of conflict, cannot be understated. More than 72 million children in the world today are living in proximity to parties to conflict that use sexual violence against children.

Further, of the 54 active conflicts today, 15 involve actors who have explicitly perpetrated sexual violence against children. This means that in almost 70% of conflicts where sexual violence against civilians is committed, children are violated as well.3 Action plans and enabling domestic legal frameworks that hold perpetrators to account notwithstanding, cases of sexual violence against children still persist as parties to conflict continue to operate with impunity and disregard human rights and humanitarian law.

Objective and Scope of the Consultancy: Save the Children seeks to commission a consultant to review current practice on the prevention and response of cases of sexual violence within AU-mandated or AU-authorised operations as well as at the troop-contributing country level. Such review will inform the development of guidelines for standard operating procedures (SOPs) for consideration at mission and T/PCC level.

The proposed SOPs will provide specific guidance in the handling of cases involving children as victims of sexual violence from the point of initial contact to hand over to the competent civilian
authorities charged with the responsibility of providing assistance to child victims of sexual violence.

The SOPs will ensure efficient and consistent responses that are informed by international best practices and will supplement the roles of each mission component in their execution of a child protection mandate.

The exercise should be especially cognisant of gender and its intersectionality with age and disability and the likely differences in experiences of boys and girls, vulnerabilities specific to boys and girls as perpetuated by cultural gender norms, and the risks and needs of younger girls, adolescents and youth.

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