Head of Human Capital at Old Mutual Kenya

Old Mutual Kenya is based in Nairobi and is part of a larger group that offers solutions in long-term savings, asset management and investment. We offer solutions to individuals and corporates underpinned by our core values which are: Respect, Integrity, Accountability and Pushing beyond boundaries.

Job Description

Business Planning

  • Develop a Human Resource strategic plan in line with the Group corporate business strategy and offer direction on its achievement
  • Participate in the development and implementation of annual business plans and thereafter ensure support for various units/ departments in the development of the scorecards, their communication and cascading to the staff

2. Staff productivity and maintainance of optimum head count

  • Ensure that every employee has an updated job description and continuous review of the organization structures to ensure that they remain relevant to business needs and that there are established lines of delegation, supervision and management
  • Ensure that a job analysis is undertaken before effecting staff changes such as promotions, recruitments etc.
  • Management of the headcount and staff costs against the approved budget limits
  • Align organisational structure with corporate goals and ensure optimal staff productivity

3. Selection and Recruitment of staff

  • Enforce the recruitment policy and practices
  • Screening of new staff members through background checks/references to ensure that only suitable staff members are recruited
  • Liaise with other functional/ department managers so as to understand all the necessary HR needs and objectives such as resourcing & Development needs and to ensure they are fully informed and well guided on HR best practices

4. Industrial Relations and welfare

  • Manage the Industrial Relations function/unit
  • Facilitate general staff meetings/ consultative forums and maintain a culture of open communication within Faulu
  • Prepare all the board and annual reports on Human Resources
  • Oversee development and implementation of staff welfare programs so as to maintain high levels of motivation and commitment
  • Update and communicate HR policies and procedures

5. Learning and Development

  • Oversee the development and implementation of the annual training and development calendar
  • Drive compliance to KYC, AML, Counter terorism financing and regulations through induction and periodic training to the staff members.
  • Approve the trainings and manage the budgets
  • Oversee compliance on legal requirements such as DIT registration and utilization
  • Oversee development and maintenance of high standards of induction and onboarding processes

6. Performance management, Talent management, compensation and benefits

  • Overesee the preparation of annual performance plans, the setting of targets and objectives
  • Inculcate a culture of bi-annual performance reviews
  • Continuaous review of compensation and benefits policy to ensure Faulu remains competitive
  • Oversee payroll management and monitor remittance of statutory deductions
  • Building and developing talent to drive the future success of the bank, creating strength at all levels that will meet current and future needs of the company.

7. Leadership

  • To guide, lead and manage staff in the Department in such a manner that promotes motivation, efficiency, mentoring them into leadership roles and a high degree of discipline in all activities.
  • To build a sales culture through the judicious use of incentives, recognition, mentoring and coaching.
  • Identify staff requirements, training gaps, changes, movements and make the necessary recommendations to the HR Department
  • Regularly update the HR department on staffing and competency requirements and agree on annual staffing projections
  • Facilitate and support team leaders and other staff keeping them focused on the Company mission.
  • Ensure that all staff in the department set annual performance targets in line with the company’s business plan and avail continuous monitoring and feedback for performance related decision making.

7. Operational efficiency and planning

  • Develop policies and procedures that support the overall business strategy and ensure adequate communication.
  • Continuously review processes and recommend changes that increase overall efficiency and effectiveness

8. Budgetary Oversight

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Closing Date : 26th May, 2021


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