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Terms of Reference: RMNCAH+N Scorecard Review

1.0. Background

HENNET was founded in 2005 to fill a long-standing gap within the health sector in terms of coordination, and networking among health-related Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

HENNET brings together different health-oriented CSOs, with diverse interests, but all having a common vision of a “Healthy Kenyan Society”.

The organization with funding from Population Action International (“PAI”) is implementing a project meant to advocate for increased and sustained domestic financing of RMNCHAH services while adhering to GFF mechanism principles.

One of the key focus of the Project is to support the Council of Governors (CoG) to assess the usability of the RMNCAH+N scorecard at the county level.

The consultant will be expected to review the scorecard and identify the existing gaps. Throughout this session, the consultant will be expected to work closely with HENNET and the Council of Governors to prioritize advocacy issues surrounding the RMNCH+N scorecard both at the national and the county levels.

HENNET is, therefore, seeking a consultant from a registered firm with relevant experience to undertake the above tasks both at the county levels.

After this assessment, the consultant will be expected to train the RMNCH+N focal point persons, County Health Committee Team representatives, and the RMNCH+N M&E persons on improving usability of the scorecard.

2.0. Consultancy aims and Objectives:

The purpose of this consultancy is to establish the extent to which the RMNCAH+N scorecard is utilized at the county level, factors hindering usability, lessons learnt, and recommendations for effective implementation of the tool at the 47 Counties.

In addition, the consultant will use the activity results to train various key stakeholders on how to improve usability of the scorecard.

3.0 Expected Roles of the Consultant

  • Develop a Methodology for this activity: This will include both document/desk review and primary data collection, and include both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Developing tools that will be used in the 47 Counties to capture the gaps and usability data/information.
  • Lead data collection processes: This will include the administration of tools in the 47 Counties, as well as other key stakeholders. This activity will be done in close consultation with the Council of Governors.
  • Analyze and present the findings for validation at a forum that will be organized by HENNET.
  • Review the existing Scorecard, identify gaps and propose recommendations.
  • Identify the Advocacy Priority areas as generated from the surveys and engagements during this task.
  • Generate a report from the surveys above. The report should include the background, methodology, results and discussions (Including but not limited to key gaps and advocacy priorities), conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Facilitate 2 (two) days virtual meetings targeting the RMNCH+N focal point person at the county level, County Health Committee Team representatives, and the RMNCH+N M&E/ data persons from the counties on how and why they should adhere to the usability of the scorecard and generate a report from this training.

3.0. Expected deliverables

  • An inception report shared.
  • Survey tools developed, administered, findings generated and shared with HENNET and CoG for validation and adoption.
  • Generate reports as analyzed above and share them as per the timelines agreed upon by the firm and HENNET.
  • Develop training notes, train the target groups highlighted in Section 2.0 above, and develop a training report
  • Generate a final activity report showing the background, methodology, results and discussions (Including but not limited to key gaps and advocacy priorities), conclusions, and recommendations. The report should clearly demonstrate gaps identified in the RMNCAH+ N Scorecard assessment and give recommendations on the same.
  • Consolidate advocacy priorities which will be harvested during the actions under this task.

4.0 Duration of the Consultancy:

The consultancy is estimated to take 21working days that will be spread out between 15th September and 15th October 2021.

5.0. The ideal Consultant:

Qualifications / experience and expectations

  • Holder of at least a Master’s degree in Social Sciences, or Health-related fields.
  • Excellent training, facilitation, assessments, report writing, research, and vast knowledge in Social accountability and RMNCH+N is required.
  • Engaged and with experience in similar activities for at least 7- 10 years.
  • Deliver high-quality results promptly as agreed between the firm and HENNET.
  • Overall adherence to the Terms of Reference is expected.
  • Must be working with a consultancy firm.
  • The consultancy firm must allocate at least two consultants of whom one will serve as a lead consultant that HENNET will work with as the contact person.
  • Must be conversant with online/digital training/ working

6.0 Timelines

The plan must be completed as per the schedule/ deadline agreed upon between the consultant and HENNET.

7.0. Application Process

Required items – submit the following:

  • A capacity statement indicating relevant qualification, skills, experience in similar consultancies as well as full contact details of three referees.
  • Share 3(three) recommendation letters from different organizations that the firm/consultant(s) has worked with on similar deliverables.
  • Attach relevant work done with at least three organizations /institutions one of which must be a health CSO working around RMNCAH+N.
  • Copy of registration certificate, Tax Compliance Certificate, and KRA PIN for the firm.
  • Attach a detailed proposal and work plan on how you plan to undertake the work. The consultant must include a broken-down cost analysis indicating the professional fee and any other costs that you will need for this work.

Kindly submit your requirements by 7th September 2021 by 5:00 Pm.

Send your documents to: admin@hennet.or.ke and copy: hennetkenya@gmail.com

Please note only shortlisted and successful applicants will be contacted.

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