How it works

How it works

EHome provides different services for homes and events. It specifically targets those who needs work done at homes, meetings, events, offices, or houses. Ehome operates in three steps.

  1. Customers search for the services they need.
  2. The customers requests for the service
  3. The customer gets the service they choose

Ehome gives the customers oportunity to interact with the service providers and bargain on the prices before they can settle on the final price.

How payments work

  1. Customers find their desired service provider.
  2. Customer comes into terms of the bargain with the service provider.
  3. Customer adds the agreed price and requests for the order
  4. Service provider approves the request and the price
  5. Service is delivered
  6. Customer approves service has been received
  7. Ehome completes the payment

Ehome allows the buyer to individually place the agreed price after a bargain which gives the customer what they need and service provider opportunity to get more clients.

Ehome also holds the payments before a service is provided to prevent frauds which may happen from con men, and completes payment once the customer approves of getting the service requested.

Ehome encourages all customers to make payment to service providers through the system. Ehome will not account for any payment fraud which happens outside the system.