Laboratory Technologist (Mortician) at Karatina University

Our Vision To ba a University of global excellence, meeting the dynamic needs and development of society. Our Mission To conserve, create and disseminate knowledge through training research innovation and community outreachKarU/HR/LT (MORTICIAN) /2021

Basic Salary for this position is between Kshs. 57,729 by Kshs. 2,256/= to Kshs. 82,552/=

Job Summary

  • Participate  in  planning,  designing and   developing teaching  and   research activities in liaison with Senior  Officers.
  • Assist in conducting laboratory tests, cadaver dissections and teaching Human Anatomy practicals.
  • Set up OSCE sessions for Human Anatomy assessments
  • Demonstrate and provide instruction to students in proper use and care of the Human Anatomy laboratory materials and equipment.
  • Prepare laboratory materials and  specimens such  as histology slides,  stains, solutions and preservatives that are stored according to set standards.
  • Run  calibration and  quality control procedures on  all  anatomy laboratory equipment and  machine periodically for accuracy and  precision of laboratory test results.
  • Supervision and  guide  undergraduate and  postgraduate practicals in order to produce reliable and precise data to support scientific investigations.
  • Ensure cleanliness of materials, glassware, apparatus and  the laboratory to ensure a safe  environment for  study and  research for  accurate and  reliable results.
  • Ensure  proper  disposal  of  laboratory  waste  by  segregating  all  waste  to minimize risks associated laboratory waste.
  • Provide professional support to students and lecturers to improve and manage the consultancy services  undertaken in the laboratories/workshops.
  • Provide budget inputs on supplies and  consumables used in the laboratory for smooth running of the section.
  • Maintain proper inventory of  the materials and  equipment in  the Human Anatomy laboratory to avoid stock outages.
  • Perform  preventive  maintenance   on   machines  and    equipment  in   the laboratory and  trouble shooting them in cases of malfunctions and  liaise with the Head  of Department to service the equipment.
  • Carry   out  stock  taking  exercises  in   liaison  with  the  stores  section  of Procurement and Finance Departments.
  • Carry  out other duties and  responsibilities as  may  be  assigned by a senior officer.

Job Requirements for Appointment

  1. Bachelor’s Degree  in Medical  Laboratory.
  2. Three (3) years’ work experience in a Human Anatomy lab (gross anatomy and Histology) in an Institution of higher learning or equivalent Institution.
  3. Demonstrable Knowledge of Information Communication Technology.
  4. Registered with the Kenya Medical  Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board  (KMLTTB)
  5. A valid practice license.
  6. Diploma  or   Certificate  in   Morgue  and   Mortuary  Science   is  an   added advantage.


The   successful  candidates  will  be  offered   a  competitive  remuneration   package  in accordance with the existing Terms  and Conditions of Service.

Submit your CV, copies of relevant documents and Application to:

The Vice Chancellor
Karatina University
P.O. Box 1957- 10101


Closing Date : 5 October. 2021


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