Labour Laws Short Course

Master the art of labour laws

Are you a manager, supervisor, or business owner in charge of staff?

Do you want to develop and implement the best labour practices to reduce legal liability and costs arising from ineffective and non-compliant workplace practices?

Do you want to make better decisions and create better HR policies?

As an employer, you are required to remain compliant with labour laws in Kenya if your organization is to avoid costly non-compliance costs and lengthy litigations.

In the last five years, over 4,000 learners have taken our labour laws course that is taught by an experienced Employment Law, Human Resource and Labour Relations expert who provides insight into the best practices, written Law, recent cases, and court decisions.

This practical labour laws course will provide a brief overview of the complex legal issues of the employment relationship in Kenya, and help you understand key legal provisions in employment.

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By end of this labour law short course, you will be able to:

  • Understand key legal provisions in employment.
  • Identify and Manage legal risks when dealing with employees.
  • Ensure your employee-related processes are legally defensible.
  • Minimize your personal liability as an HR manager.
  • Understand recent court decisions and how courts are interpreting complex and emerging issues in the employment relationship.
  • Learn strategies for handling employees within the law.
  • Network with other professionals.

Last year, I was promoted to the position of an operations manager in an IT firm. The new role involves managing a team and running the HR department as we currently don’t have an HR manager. I signed up for the Labour Laws course since I wanted to understand Labour Laws because I am not experienced in that area. I am now able to develop a HR policy, set KPI’s, implement a performance management system, and I now fully understand the labour laws. I feel confident in my ability to deliver in my job. Justus – IT Firm

Who Should Attend The Labour Laws Training?

You should enroll in the training if you are:

  • An HR professional
  • A Compliance specialist, company secretary, or chartered accountant who wishes to help your clients to comply with labour laws
  • A law student and lawyer who wants to excel in labour and employment law-related matters
  • A labour law practitioner – both consultants and litigators
  • An entrepreneur, business manager, or director who wants to master legal aspects of labour law

When you join the Labour Laws training, you will be trained in the following areas;

  • Introduction to employment legislation
  • The Employment Act, 2007
  • The Labour Relations Act, 2007
  • The Labour Institutions Act, 2007
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007
  • The Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007

What I loved most about the course was that the trainer provided an open and non-judgemental environment. I had 4 years of experience in HR & Admin but the training helped me gain more perspective into my role. I gained practical knowledge in labour laws and statutory compliances etc. All this was possible through practical examples and full support from the expert trainer. I would highly recommend this course for someone who wishes to succeed in HR. Mary– Hr & Admin Officer

Your Labour Laws Certification

We are accredited by the IHRM (Institute of Human Resource Management)  and are also a NITA authorized training institution. Upon completion, you will receive a NITA-certified certificate.

Upcoming Labour Laws Class

Our upcoming labour laws class offers a flexible schedule with an online evening class via live zoom that runs for 3 days.

The next class will start on Monday 13th September 2021 (6:00 pm to 8:00 pm)

Free Information. Request For More Information. 

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I had very little understanding of the labour laws and was looking for a course that would enable me fully understand this. When I browsed online and found this labour laws course offered by Corporate Staffing, I knew I had to join it. I am happy to say that since I took it, even my employer has noticed a difference in my work. The course offered a flexible schedule at an affordable fee, something that I also really liked. Kudos Corporate StaffingVanessa W. (HR Professional)

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Meet Your Trainer

Perminus Wainaina is the C.E.O and Managing Partner at Corporate Staffing Services Ltd, a leading HR consultancy firm based in Westlands.

He leads a team of 25 staff and has wide experience in coaching, leadership development, recruitment, and HR consultancy.

His day job involves meeting and engaging employers looking to hire senior talent i.e managers, GM’s across different professionals, and C.E.O’s for various industries.

In the last 8 years, he has interviewed over 2,000 senior professionals and managers looking to transition to a leadership role. He, therefore, understands the workings, demands and expectations of the corporate world. 

In this capacity, he has consulted for top local and international companies in HR areas like; Organizational review, HR audit, Recruitment, Training, and Performance management.

Some of the companies he has consulted for include; UN Women, Oxfam, Windsor Golf Club, Davis & Shirtliff, Global Peace Foundation, Google, Honda, AAR Insurance, Nivea, Weetabix, Safaricom Investment Cooperative, among others.

He is a recognized advisor on HR Related matters and has been featured in major dailies and TV stations.

He has also served  part-time lecturer at the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) and was a member of the HR Technical Committee representing the private sector, at the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) Human Resource Standardization Committee.

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