Living Walls: Benefits of Installing Living Walls in Interiors

Plants can grow well in interior walls. They create an atmosphere that is calming, improves air quality, and boosts human health!

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Living walls are grown vertically in free-standing structures. They exist in various kinds and shapes depending on the characteristics of the space they are in. The latest lifestyle imposed on people requires that one keeps up with the latest trends by installing a plant wall because they are a perfect charm for any stress and isolation. The living or green walls are found in institutional buildings, commercial places, and public places. The walls function by filtering the natural air which is then distributed by a ventilation system.

Benefits of Living Walls

  1. Indoor air quality-plants give out oxygen which is essential for human beings. They also remove any indoor toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. Quality indoor air is often related to higher cognitive skills in humans. Plants can however have a degrading effect on the air quality when not properly taken care of. Live walls in indoor spaces get dusty, moldy, or can begin to decompose if overwatered. When integrated into the air conditioning system, plants act as biofilters.
  2. Some people associate the green foliage of plants with enhancing concentration and memory retention.
  3. They are also a form of art when in a room making space serene and without requiring floor space hence referred to as living art. The green walls however require regular maintenance, trimming, and inspection of the irrigation system and technology.
  4. Green walls have a psychological effect on the building users and are believed to increase productivity, promote creativity, reduce blood pressure, and reduce employee absenteeism.
  5. Sound dampening-living indoor plant walls improve the acoustics within a room since its leaves have a wide surface area that absorbs sounds hence dampening noise.

Installation of green walls requires enough planning since they are a bit expensive. They are however a long-term investment and may need the involvement of a professional to assist throughout the process and offer maintenance services for spaces that require complex designs. Small space green walls can be done individually so long as the selected type of plant is favored by the conditions of the location. Factors that limit the kind of plants that are likely to thrive in a green wall setting include.

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Lighting

The type of living wall design selected for a particular place always depend on

  • Budget
  • Size
  • Scope
  • Timing


Living walls can be created on both the external and internal parts of the property. The type of plants that survive indoors and outdoors differ since they have different growth requirements. There are various reasons and benefits in installing plant walls, especially to the quality of air and the health benefits to the building residents. There are also a variety of sizes that can be installed depending on the special properties of the installation location.


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