Publishing a quality service

Ehome is a platform where you can market services to millions of customers who visit it everyday. You do not want to be casual on the way you display your business or service to the world. Therefore this article will help you make good quality service description that will make people become your customers.

We have tried our best to give you a posibility of placing anything you can imagine of while writing your service post. Videos, images, texts and we have allowed you to format the texts according to your needs by providing you with a flexible editor.


Post title

You will need a post title that communicates directly from the start. Make it short and straigh forward. Should be nothing enticing. Just a title. Like the business name and what it does. Or owners name and what the service does. For example, Johns Car washing in Nakuru. You can include the location.


Here is where you put the summary of what your business entails.

Long description

Here is where you are free to use images, videos, texts, add a gallery, add as many images and format the texts as good as you can.

You can use headings to separate different sections of your content. Format to bold or italics depending on how you want to emphasize the phrases.

Please see How to use advanced editors to create great contents.

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