Research Associate – SPTA Project at Terre des hommes (TDH)

Terre des hommes is the leading Swiss child relief agency. We are committed to improving the lives of millions of the world’s most vulnerable children. Children are the first to suffer in times of war, natural disasters and as a result of poverty. At Terre des hommes, our goal is to steadily improve the conditions of the most vulnerable children worldwide. We are focused on five main objectives: Improving the health of infants up to the age of 3 and of children in need of specialised medical care Protecting migrant children Preventing child exploitation Promoting restorative justice for children in conflict with the law Providing humanitarian aid to children and their families in times of emergency and crisis OUR PROGRAMMES AND PROJECTS REVOLVE AROUND Children’s rights and their best interests Creating a strong local presence in close proximity to children, their families and communities Establishing close cooperation with local bodies based on respect Constant improvement and innovation Enhancing heath and protection systems in the long term Gaining recognition in Switzerland as a reliable organisation and source of financing

Job Ref: 20210401

Category: Collaboration

Reports to: Head of Programs and Fundraising

Location: Dadaab

Context: Tdh has been active in Kenya since 2011 in Dadaab refugee camp (child protection), the arid county of Garissa (nutrition) and the urban slums of Nairobi (integrated child protection).

In June 2018, the organization initiated a reflection to reorient activities to also address development needs around child protection services as the gap in support is significant. Humanitarian needs are very present due to the situation at Kenya’s borders, the country’s difficulty in tackling natural disasters and the risk of terrorism.

Tdh is seeking a motivated and committed Program Assistant who will support the Head of Programs in the oversee of project implementation, MEAL activity implementation and grants management.

General description of the position: 

The Project Manager ensures adequate and timely implementation of the project. She/he will be responsible for the technical implementation of activities and ensuring the project has what it needs in terms of support resources.

She/he will be responsible for adequate budget execution based on the donor rules and requirements.

Will be responsible of the management and professional development of project team. She/he will work in closed collaboration with the Head of Programs and the Field Coordinator.

Main Responsibilities

Project Management

  • Develop and implement the Child Protection project in Dadaab refugee camps in accordance with multiple objectives, activities and targets outlined within current donor proposals and in line with projects’ budgets.
  • Conduct regular assessment of the Child Protection project and activities’ impact.
  • In collaboration with the Field Coordinator forecast and follows up on expenditures related to the Child Protection project including the preparation of cash advance requests on a monthly basis and the correct use of the administration forms.
  • Lead in budget revision exercises.
  • Prepares timely purchase requests in line with project workplans.
  • Identifies support needs related to the project in Dadaab and communicates these to the Field Coordinator and relevant administration support person.
  • Ensures qualitative implementation in and identifies needs for improvement.
  • In coordination with the Field Coordinator, reinforce the referral system and maintain regular liaison with resource agencies in Dadaab (police, medical staff, local and international NGOs,
    Sub-county Children Officer, education partners, etc.) to promote and maintain a healthy and productive relationship with Tdh.
  • Coordinates the capacity building support to the CP team, relevant local authorities, and agencies operating in Dadaab and host community as required by the project.
  • Coordinates the capacity building of CORPs, both working for Tdh and other agencies, on Child Rights and Child Protection.
  • Provide technical support to CP team members as needed.

Project Strategy and planning

  • In collaboration with the Field Coordinator and Head of Programs participates in designing strategies and objectives for improved support to beneficiaries and contribute actively in its monitoring, evaluation and revision
  • Participates in CP assessments.
  • Participate in the review of the strategy for Tdh in Kenya if requested.
  • Guarantees that the strategy of the CP project is implemented, effectively and timely, with relevant authorities and in support to the Tdh CP team.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Responsible of indicator progress ensuring indicators are duly measured with support of MEAL team.
  • Responsible of Project Follow Up tool is properly filled each month and is sent to coordination office on time.
  • Ensure that activities are appropriately monitored and evaluated and proposes when deemed necessary, amendments to the child protection strategy, in consultation with the Field Coordinator.
  • Guide and supervise the devolvement of M&E tools for a correct and accurate measurement of the indicators.
  • Ensure that data needed to inform indicators is available and analysed for reporting purposes.
  • Closely follows the M&E plan in collaboration with M&E department.
  • Works with MEAL department in the implementation of the database tools and field testing of the tools.
  • Ensures correct data protection procedures and filing.


  • Provides a compiled weekly meeting minutes report to the Field Coordinator including movement plan.
  • Ensures a monthly data analysis report is submitted to the Field Coordinator and Head of Programs after every month.
  • Ensures that all donor requirements and deadlines are respected in terms of quality and timeliness.
  • Ensure all the data and information related to indicators is available and accurate.
  • Ensures field team has appropriate reporting tools and the use it correctly.
  • Upon completion of the assignment, submits detailed handover notes.

Human Resources Management

  • Daily supervision of Tdh child protection team members in Dadaab.
  • Participates in the development of accurate job descriptions as necessary for the Child Protection project team, in coordination with the Field Coordinator.
  • Lead in Tdh CP team recruitment and revision of job descriptions and assists in recruitment efforts through planning and interviewing of candidates.
  • Ensures the team has a clear understanding of the Tdh CP mandate and project in Dadaab.
  • Takes lead in performance evaluations of the Tdh CP team in collaboration with the Field Coordinator.
  • Organises and leads weekly team meetings and provides weekly program update and movement plan to Field Coordinator.
  • Lead and manage staff, encouraging effective teamwork and providing supervision and guidance, including regular and constructive feedback.
  • Reports incidents and difficulties encountered with any Tdh CP staff members to the Field Coordinator.
  • Ensure regular performance appraisals of directly supervised staff, encourage personal development plans, and assist in the identification of training needs.
  • In collaboration with the HR, assure the planning of annual leave and any other leaves allowed the Dadaab staff.


  • Works in close collaboration and consultation with the Field Coordinator.
  • Coordinates with other sectors in Dadaab to ensure implementation of standardised activities.
  • Works in close collaboration and consultation with available government structures, non-government actors and community representatives in Dadaab.
  • Participates in Child Protection Working Group Meetings and other CP technical meetings.

Abuse Prevention Policy – Operational Risk Management

  • Commit to respect Tdh Risk Management Policies including: Code of Conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy, Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy.
  • Comply with Tdh Security Regulations
  • Commit to ensure the best implementation possible of the Tdh Risk Management Policies
  • Commit to inform supervisors and to deal with any cases, allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Tdh Risk Management Policies.


  • Undertake all other duties that may be determined by the Field Coordinator and Head of Programs that are compatible with the job.
  • Maintain and ensure a culture of strict confidentiality – inter Tdh staff and between Tdh staff and non Tdh employees.

Job Requirements:


  • Professional diploma or University degree in Social Sciences.
  • Specific technical training and experience in project cycle management and result based approach.
  • At least 5 years’ experience working in the humanitarian sector.
  • Experience managing projects and/or programs funded by main humanitarian donors/refugee-oriented donors (ECHO, PRM, DFID, etc) and experience managing funding from UN agencies and funds (UNICEF, UN WOMEN, UNFPA, etc).
  • Experience in refugee contexts will be and added value.
  • International experience will be an added value.
  • Basic IT knowledge (Microsoft Office, Internet)
  • Knowledge of the child protection system in Kenya is an added value.


  • This position requires social and leadership skills, as well as technical, organizational and methodological competences.
  • Required qualities: rigorous, organized, good communication and interpersonal skills. Autonomy and proactivity are very suitable for the position.
  • This position will require frequent travels to the intervention areas.


  • Fluent in English and Swahili
  • Knowledge of Somali is an asset.

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