May 28, 2022

Website Design for Small Businesses


We are in an era where any business no matter how small it is must have a website. A website acts as a silent salesman that works even when you are asleep.

Luckily, creating a professional website should be never be expensive task, especially even for small businesses who are just getting started.
My name is Emmmanuel, I help small businesses create their online presence by building them websites to the standards of most big industries. In the modern times, just running your business traditionally is never enough. People are looking online to get what they need. If you are not online you are leaving many possible clients out of reach. My goal is to help your event business to stay current and help update its clients.

Making a website is more than just getting a customized template and and presenting. Tools are available to make the process of making a website simple, but its never straight foward as these tools indicate. Many websites are being set up but close down because they were not well planned and strategies were not set when planning and creating it.

Truth be told, anyone can start a website these days. Especially with tools such as wordpress, or wix website creators available, its as simple as drag and drop. But can they create a website that achieves the goals necessary for a business? Do they bring profits? Do they convert? Tools have been created to help in some of these things such as converting visitors to customers or subscribers, but no matter how fancy a page is that it can covert in seconds, if the right people cannot see that page it doesnt help. No matter how helpful the business is with the best information, if you target the wrong audience its wastage of resources. No matter how fancy a website is, if it takes more than 5 seconds to load a single page then you are chasing potential clients away. People neglect what is most important. Tools doesnt help much and as a result, businesses fail. Websites that were once expected to be vibrant die and owners of those websites loose trust on the power that websites have.
Start a conversation with me and I will help you start your website and create it to your contentment.

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I help small businesses create their online presence by building them websites to the standards of most big industries.


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