Things to Consider While Selecting Air Conditioners For Vertical Windows

The summer has already arrived, and this year with a little more heat. Here is what to consider when purchasing an air conditioner for a vertical window!

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If you have not already bought the air conditioner for your home, this will probably help you lead in the right direction towards finding the right product, Air Conditioner, for your vertical window. Each house has a different architecture and window type. Buildings and homes with vertical windows face added struggle to choose the suitable AC unit that perfectly fits the frame and gives you the maximum cooling effect. Vertical windows are sliding windows where one of the sashes is movable, and the other is fixed. If your house has a vertical window and it is your first time purchasing the AC unit, then check this article for tips on choosing the right product.

There are several things to consider when buying an air conditioner for vertical windows, size being the first, and the rest like cooling capacity and maintenance follows.

Here are the top 5 tips you might need to know before taking any step further:

1. Size

When it comes to AC installation, size does matter. Not every type of air conditioner unit fits with all kinds of windows. For a vertical window, you need a slider or a casement air conditioner that thoroughly combines with the window’s outline. It gives 100% effectiveness in cooling the enclosed space. Such windows need ACs that have vertical orientation having a little more height than the usual window AC unit. It would help if you looked for ACs of good size and that come with accessories to fit around the window. Casement ACs have 20 Inches or more height and are provided with fasteners to fix the window frame. These fasteners are of good quality and perfectly insulates the gaps between the edges.

2. Cooling Potential

Cooling Potential or the cooling capacity is the second most significant factor to consider for AC installation. Each AC unit has the Cooling power to cool a space based on how much its BTU is. BTU is the British Thermal Units to measure thermal energy, which indicates the amount of heat removed by an AC from a confined area. One should look for a large BTU to cool a larger space. The maximum BTU of a Casement AC is 12,000 BTU that can cool an area of 500sq ft. efficiently. Before buying a window AC, check for the chart that compares your space’s square feet with the BTUs needed to cool that space. Check this review for finding the best window AC with maximum cooling efficiency.

3. Energy Efficient AC

The electricity tariff during summers rises, and the bill’s amount shoots up tremendously. This can result in affecting your monthly household budget. That’s why it is essential to buy an energy-efficient AC and look for a five-star rating by BEE, Bureau of Energy Efficiency. BEE is a standardized institution that provides ratings to the appliances in the form of stars to help you identify their efficiency, five stars being the best. For the AC unit, look for at least a 3-star rating, if not 5. It is also recommended to go for window AC rather than central AC for an economical choice and save on your electricity bill. Another feature to look for is EER, Energy Efficiency Ratio, which measures BTU’s amount used per watt of power. For higher efficiency and cost-savings on a sliding window air conditioner, go for EER with at least a 10.0 ratio. The Thumb rule says higher the EER, the higher will be the efficiency of the air conditioner.

4. Electrical Requirements

Window AC consumes more power than any other home appliance, and having the right electrical system is imperative to the installation of an AC unit in the area. You must check the electrical sockets to withstand the power consumption and see if they can operate on 220 volts circuits. Get in touch with an expert electrician to check the electrical systems and get the suitable systems installed if you don’t have them. Sockets and plugs of a correct face must be fitted correctly in the wall to avoid any last-minute nuisance during AC installation.

5. Dehumidifier

You must have felt and sensed the dampness and foul smell in the room during summers when the AC is on for quite along. This is due to the humidity. High humidity levels can cause serious health problems and place unbreathable. With the latest cutting-edge technology and improvements in window ACs, manufacturers have also introduced ACs to work as a dehumidifier. Some intelligent air conditioning system can not only cool your space but can dehumidify and purify the air. Humidifier ACs reduces the humidity levels through dehumidification and purifies the air. This also helps in preventing the dampening of walls and the growth of allergens in the room. Check for the latest model with a one-touch button and user-friendly controls to maintain the environment inside your house. Go for Air conditioners that have Wi-Fi controls and can be controlled by a smartphone too.


Although there are more factors to consider while choosing the right window air conditioners, these are the most discussed and essential factors for you to keep in mind. Casement ACs are best suited for vertical windows, and you must choose the right sized AC that fits well in the window. Most ACs are DIY, and you can easily install them using the fasteners and mounting units utilizing the guide. Make sure you measure the window and room size before going for the air conditioner to feel the cool air and find your comfort zone in hot summer.

We hope our tips to be helpful to you. For more information on ACs for vertical windows, check our review and choose as per your requirement.


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