Tips to Organize a Party

Are you organizing a party soon? Here are some tips to make your next party a smooth one!

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Showing up and enjoying a party is an easy thing to do (you just show up, have a good time, eat good food, and leave). Organizing one is the hard part! What should you keep in mind when organizing a party.

1. Figuring out what type of party you are planning

  • There are different types of parties. Some of them include;
  • Birthday party
  • Surprise party
  • Graduation party
  • Anniversary party
  • Housewarming party
  • Get well party
  • Engagement party
  • Baby shower party
  • Bridal shower
  • Block party
  • Bridal shower
  • Farewell party
  • Retirement party
  • Costume party
  • Pool party, etc. 

It is a good idea to know the estimate of people who are going to attend the party.

2. Deciding on your budget

How much can you afford to spend on food, drink, invitation, table and seats, music and entertainment, and decorations? It is important to be honest with yourself; the last thing you want is to go over budget when the party is done. Which of the items do you consider not that important?

3. Selecting the date, time, and venue

Where is the party going to be held? Your home, hotel, a friend’s home, banquet hall, office, pool, community center, house of worship, or park? Are you going to need a license, permit, or book the venue before holding the party there? What day and time are you planning to have the party?

4. Who are the guests?

Based on venue arrangements and budget, confirm the number of people and who are going to be on your guest list. How are you going to invite your guests? Via phone, paper invitation, social media application, or a text? Will your guests be allowed to invite others? If the party is on behalf of someone else, then ask them to give you a list of the people they would like to invite.

5. Sending out invitations

What if you were to organize and no one came? When it comes to invitations, make sure you include the date, time, location, invitees, RSVP date and also directions, contact information, and other notes. It is a good idea to send out the invites a couple of weeks early so as to give them the chance to clear their calendar.

6. Making and conforming to others arrangements

If the party needs additional arrangements such as entertainment and music, then it is important to make and confirm these arrangements. You need to pay close attention to dates, pricing, time, and services.

7. Making a list of supplies when going shopping

Some of the supplies you are going to need to include; drinks, food, beverages (don’t forget ice), place settings, decorations, furniture, etc. You should start by buying non-perishable goods first, then start buying the perishable goods when the day arrives.

8. Getting a head start on setting up

You need to give yourself a lot of time because it is going to save you a lot of stress. People underestimate the time it is going to take to set up the party. It is better to have too much time compared to too little. You will be left with extra time you can use for food and beverages, decorations, and music & entertainment because they usually take longer than expected. There are times when you realize you have to make a trip to the store because you forgot something. This happens and it is why you should give yourself extra time.

9. It is party time

You have put in a lot of effort, it is now time to have fun. Make sure you get giant confetti cannons for large events. Welcome the guests, drink, enjoy food, conversations, dancing, and the company of one another.


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