Video Production RFQ – The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) VectorLink Project

The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) VectorLink Project

Request for Quotes: Video Production

The PMI VectorLink Project protects people in 24 African countries from malaria by targeting areas where the malaria burden is worst.

The project sprays homes with insecticide that kills malaria-transmitting mosquitoes, distributes insecticide-treated nets (ITNs), and conducts robust entomological monitoring.

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Scope of work: The PMI VectorLink Project will produce a short video in English or subtitled in English (approximately 2 minutes) to highlight the project’s approach and success in fighting malaria through community-based entomology.

It will be a person-driven video that highlights the project’s success in training and conducting entomolgy at the community level.

The video should be in the vein of the project’s previous video, which can be seen here:

The filmmaker must provide broadcast-quality video, audio, and lighting equipment for filming, and must deliver all videos in full, ProRes quality as well as 1080p and full HD for streaming.

Through close collaboration with PMI VectorLink counterparts, the filmmaker will first capture the main goals, tone, and content ideas.

The filmmaker will develop a shot list for each location, and a list of interview questions for different stakeholders.

The filmmaker and/or crew must be located in Kisumu and will work closely with the VectorLink Kenya project team and virtually with the Communications team in Washington, D.C. on a shot list, storyboard, and script.

Scope of Work:

1. Take compelling, professional-quality video footage in Kisumu and provide transcripts of any interviews and speaking parts in the footage.

a. Conduct and film interviews with field staff, partners, health sector leaders and project staff with minimal assistance.

b. Capture additional video footage for b-roll.

c. Provide footage storyboard and share it with the VectorLink team for a paper edit of videos.

The film producer will be responsible for accurate and complete translations of the transcripts into English, if needed. We will provide translation during the time of filming.

2. Provide three drafts of video.

  • 1st draft for PMI VectorLink Communications Director’s feedback and approval. (Due 30 days after filming.)
  • 2nd draft for PMI VectorLink team (Due seven days from received edits.)
  • 3rd draft for PMI review (Due seven days from received edits.)
  • Mix the audio to professional broadcast standards upon final approval.
  • Final 2-minute video in English. (Due seven days from received edits.)
  • Share edited videos with PMI VectorLink for feedback and approval.

3. Provide two drafts of 30-second spots for social media in native and square video format (due 45 days from end of filming). Set of 5-10 story-slides for click-based social distribution like Instagram and Facebook Stories (Due 30 days from end of filming).

4. Edit and produce final videos.

a. Professionally edited video in English: 2 minute video.

b. Soft copies of all videos.

c. Translation and subtitles for video if not in English.


1. One 2-minute, high definition film in soft copy in English

a. First draft of 2 minute film.
b. Second draft of 2 minute film, revised to reflect edits from PMI VectorLink
c. Third draft of 2 minute film revised to reflect edits from VectorLink and PMI
d. Final 2 minute film in soft copy, approved by PMI VectorLink

2. One 30-second version of the video in native and square format

3. First draft for Director of Comm.

4. Final video, revised to reflect edits.

Terms of Payment: Payment will be in two installments: 50 percent after first drafts of all videos, 50 percent after all deliverables are received and approved.

How to Apply 

If you are interested in this position, please send the following to

  • A copy of your CV
  • A link to a video sample of your past work
  • A quote for the cost of labor (including all pre- and post-production) to complete this work and cost estimates.

Please note that transportation will be provided to project sites and VectorLink will not provide a travel budget.

Deadline: May 13, 2021

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