Why Ehome started

Why Ehome started

After looking around and realizing the difficulty many face in finding top and quality services and products, it became quite evident that many people will find it grateful to be able to simply have these services brought to them. From then, I became determined to make something that will solve this problem. I wanted to help the mothers who need their babies cared for but had no time to go searching for baby sitters, I believe that parent who wants a personal teacher to train their kid should find them easily, that mother who has furniture to repair to simply hold a phone and click one button and the repairer knocks at the door, that lady or man who wants some training to click a button and a coach shows up, anyone who wanted a cleaning to be done around the home should be able to receive the service even when they do not have the tools to do so. I believed that event owners should not go through the hectic process of trying to find many services but instead focus on the most important areas of entertaining their guests.

I have seen many people in events who require services going through a lot of trouble finding the best services and it also takes too long. When there was an event at our home area, we were faced with a challenge of looking for items such as Public address, catering materials and caterers, tents and chairs, transporters, decorators etc. There people are from different areas which can be time consuming, hectic and expensive for owners and planners.

Here are major reasons why Ehome was started

I realised that too much time it takes to find services and the difficulty of Identifying quality and trusted services.
There is increasing possibility of poor and illegitimate business services that might cone others since not everyone is an expert of finding the right services.
Small service providers and businesses find it expensive and time consuming to create websites and gain online presence where most people are spending their time in thee modern days.

I also realised that people look for services far away when service =s could be right at their neighbourhood

To curb these issues,, Ehome has enabled the following.

Our solution

Ehome enables visitors to find services to near them and request for them through a user friendly interface. Through this, Ehome helps its visitors save time, and money.

Ehome has a team of highly qualified service providers who have high and great reputation for their services. We aim to consistently update our service providers and ensure they are delivering services as required by the clients. Through this, Ehome has increased its integrity and reputation of top quality service provider.

Ehome has provided a very fast and efficient was for anyone anywhere to find the services they need by enabling accessing of its services through a mobile interface.

Ehome gives its users fast feedback and support to help them use this service much effectively.