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Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) – Kenya

Young Women For Awareness, Agency, Advocacy and Accountability (YW4A) Programme

Terms of Reference (TOR): Development of Training Material and Digitization of Rise Up! Training Content.


Overview of YWCA Kenya

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) – Kenya is a women and youth membership based; non-governmental development organization founded in 1912.

It is affiliated to the World YWCA and its main purpose is to develop the collective power of girls and women in Kenya to achieve social, economic, political and cultural “emancipation”.

YW4A Project Background

YW4A is a five-year program being financed by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Netherlands in collaboration with the Netherland Embassies in the consortium partner countries.

The overall goal is to strengthen and diversify young women’s participation and amplify their voices to effectively influence decision-making towards gender-just laws, policies, norms, and practices related to their bodily integrity and equal participation.

Project Outcomes

  1. Strengthening the advocacy capacity of women’s rights organizations (WROs) to amplify young women’s voices.
  2. Enhancing the leadership of young women to effectively engage in collective action and decision-making in public, private, and civic spaces.
  3. Transforming social norms and practices of faith-based organizations (FBOs) that constrain young women’s rights.
  4. Influencing the adoption, amendment, withdrawal or effective utilization and implementation of promoting young women’s rights to leadership, participation and ending SGBV.

Under the second outcome of enhancing the leadership of young women to effectively engage in collective action and decision-making in public, private, and civic spaces, 6300 young women in Kenya will be trained on leadership using the World YWCA Rise Up! Model.

About Rise Up! Model

This transformative leadership peer education model empowers young women to transform power structures at different levels for gender equality by focusing on building young women leadership.

The model seeks to legitimize the ways that young women lead-in ways that are collective, collaborative, and cross traditional boundaries of who leaders should be-to provide them with the skills, knowledge, networks, and confidence to discover and continue their leadership journey. The model highlights the following:

  • Young women challenge dominant approaches and norms by leading in ways that are based on collaborative, shared, and horizontal power relationships. Intergenerational understanding on leadership techniques are key to this process.
  • Young women’s leadership is key in not only increasing the knowledge, confidence, and opportunities available for them, but more so having a positive impact on gender equality and the realization of rights at home and in the community.
  • The Rise Up! Model emphasizes that the main enablers of young women’s leadership are the widespread promotion of young women’s rights, the creation of safe spaces, building of peer networks to allow young women to work together, the modelling of strong intergenerational leadership, and support of local communities.

Digitalization of Rise Up! Content

Objectives, purpose and expected results

The overall purpose of the assignment is to digitize (produce relevant audio, video, animation and simulations) for the Rise Up! Curriculum.

Specific objectives of the assignment include;

  • Design and produce multimedia content
  • Pretest digital content with a group of young women
  • Deploy approved content

Description of the Assignment

The consultant will be required to carry out the following tasks:

  • Assess the Rise Up! Training manual and provide technical guidance on the most appropriate digital formats to adopt. Note that, the multimedia learning approach with a mixture of video, text, audio, animations and simulations are most preferred in this task.
  • Work with YWCA Kenya to select at least three topics (selected from the 13 topics in the Rise Up! manual that can be transformed into digital format for the piloting of the methodology.
  • Present to YWCA Kenya team the outcome of the assessment of the manual, indicating the topics which that will be digitized and the reasons for the choice.
  • Carry out the digitization of the selected topics, presenting them in different graphics: animation, video, texts, audio, simulations etc.
  • Share the first draft of the work done for review and comments on its improvement
  • Submit final edited digital content of the selected topics for digitization to YWCA Kenya
  • Upload the digitized content in the YWCA Mental health/SGBV app.


  • Individuals, consultancy firms, institutions, or organizations that are working in the field of Sexual and Gender Based Violence on video productions, and good experience in education materials development, designing and production.
  • The individual or firm expressing interest for this work should demonstrate capacity in conducting similar activity and evidence of work that it has done before.
  • Pre-selected firms will be required to present a sample of the work that they have done at YWCA Kenya.


  1. Inception report – with detailed methodology, timing and intended product
  2. Draft digitized materials
  3. Final edited digital materials for selected rise up model topics.

Reporting Requirements

  • The consultant will work under the supervision of the Head of Programmes at YWCA Kenya with the support of the IT and Communication officer.
  • Draft content and final edited content will be shared with the Head of Programmes at YWCA Kenya.

Location: The consultant can come from any part of Kenya, but be able to travel to Nairobi for face to face discussions

Administrative Issues

  • Provide an all-inclusive cost in the financial proposal including travel cost to undertake field activities.
  • The level of payment will be determined by the profile of the proposed consultant(s) and financial proposals.
  • Payments will be made upon submission and acceptance of specified deliverables and submission of invoices.
  • The selected individual, organization or company will discuss with YWCA Kenya technical and financial staff together to plan the final scope of work and develop and negotiate the final contract.
  • YWCA Kenya reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/outputs is incomplete, not delivered or for failure to meet deadlines.

How to Apply

An Expression of Interest and Curriculum Vitae (in the case of individuals) or Profile (in case of Institutions) highlighting the necessary qualifications and experience referred to in the TOR at www.ywcakenya.org/opportunities should be sent on email to consult@ywcakenya.org by October 31, 2021.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Applications will be on a rolling basis. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

DISCLAIMER: The Public is advised that YWCA does NOT charge any fee whatsoever for application, processing, interviewing or securing opportunities.

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